Monday, April 11, 2011

Government's and Media's "War on Canada Geese"

Our government and media's  "War on Canada geese" has officially been declared in this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer from a few days ago:
Not that the piece comes as any surprise to those of us familiar with cullings, expanded hunting, harassment and egg destruction of Canada geese.
Past articles and information just didn't refer to these destructions as an official "war" upon the species.
According to this article, there are currently "3.89 million resident Canada geese throughout North America" -- "a 17 fold increase from 1970."
However, we have to remember that Canada geese almost went extinct in the early 1960's and attempts were then made to captively breed the birds to restore "healthy hunting populations."
Presumably, there would not have been a whole lot of Canada geese around in 1970.
Is that the goal now?
To force the species back to near-extinction or only allow those geese who can provide easy targets for hunters?
"3.89" million geese does not  sound like a very high number for all of North America.  We have 78 million dogs in the United States. We have 8 million humans in New York City.
Why is almost 4 million geese for all of North American an intolerable number? -- A number that necessitates a "war" upon the species?
Among the many negative and disparaging articles against the geese, comes this one today out of San Jose newspaper:
Apparently, this newspaper cannot afford a fact checker.
The writer cites the "Miracle on the Hudson" incident occurring in June, instead of January of 2009.  He fails to mention the engine problems the airliner experienced two days before colliding with two migratory Canada geese and landing in the Hudson.
Let's not allow facts to get in the way of propaganda.
The reporter also claims that an adult goose produces "1 to 2 pounds of droppings a day" when the reality is that the birds produce about 5 to 7 ounces a day.
Another recent article accused an adult goose of producing "several pounds" of poop a day.  Well, what is a little exaggeration?   Hopefully, the readers don't believe everything read in these so-called "news services."
It seems modern reporters are not capable or willing to question or investigate any actual facts even when what they are spewing makes no sense.  They just seem to write (or parrot)  whatever sounds bad for the geese, including that the geese are "aggressive towards children." 
I have stated for a long time that if government and media could blame geese for things like hurricanes, Tsunamis and earthquakes, they would.   In fact, one suspects some genius is researching  ways to make such charges "stick" against the geese.   (Throw crap at the wall and see what sticks.)  Certainly, the press is not going to investigate anything, anymore than they did those "Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."
I am starting to really question, "Freedom of the Press" in this country.  While our press may have "freedom," it doesn't seem to question anything.
Still, there is one item of note from the most recent article from California.  The writer describes the park ranger as "uncovering a nest with 12 large goose eggs."
That is actually significant (if we can presume the incident actually happened in view of all the other errors in this article.)
If 12 goose eggs were actually found in one nest then it confirms what I have been saying all along:
That is, that the more we prey upon a species, the more the species will attempt to "adapt" to the predation.
Canada geese normally lay 4 to 7 eggs to a nest.  
Not 12.
If it is true that the geese are laying more eggs now (an obvious change in behavior and normal breeding patterns), it is only because we have pressured, harassed and preyed upon the species so much, the geese have been forced to become more resourceful and resilient and in essence, to "change their behavior" to adapt to the endless persecution and harassment.
One suspects that one of two things will happen over the ensuing years.
1-- Humans will once again drive Canada geese to near extinction as the species will ultimately  be unable to "adapt" to the vast array of arsenals against them from egg destruction and harassments to hunting to cullings.
2-- We will inadvertently create a kind of "superbird" able to successfully adapt to all the persecutions and predations devised by man.  
If the latter be the case, then it can be surmised that even if most of the planet is eventually destroyed via nuclear accidents, oil spills or war, somehow the "wily" Canada geese will survive.
We taught this bird well how to survive the damnations of hell and come out the other side, victorious. -- PCA

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