Friday, April 29, 2011

Ripping the Feathers Out, One by One....

 We had one day of good news for one goose and now, we are back to the unending bad events for these animals.
Today, there is this video from The Brooklyn Paper:
Below is my response to the video:
"The goose egg addling video is troubling on many fronts.
First of all, there was only one nest found.
This, after the entire native population of geese were killed last summer and there are less than two dozen geese at PP now.
"Management to extinction" is not something to be supported by anyone who cares even remotely about wildlife, of which Canada geese are a part.
Also, eggs are supposed to be dropped in water to determine if they are viable. If viable, they are not to be oiled.
That was neither shown in the video, nor even mentioned.
I am normally a big supporter of the Brooklyn Paper and still thank you for covering this issue so skillfully and in depth.
However, the flip nature of this video is deeply disturbing, as well as its implications to the geese who are already so persecuted and decimated.
For shame on this.
"We have met the enemy and it is us."
Please extend my apologies for the human race to these two geese whose would-be babies have been destroyed."
There is other bad news too, coming out of Central Park.
But, more about that tomorrow.
For the moment to just feel bad about the two defeated parent geese at Prospect Park.
We are literally ripping the feathers out of these birds out one by one and no one seems to notice.  -- PCA

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