Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Birth!

Forget the wedding!
Yesterday, there was a "royal birth" at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York!
Enjoy the story and beautiful photos on their FB page:
In these days when 95% of the news on Canada geese is extraordinarily negative, how refreshing was it to follow a story (and web cam) of a deer protecting a nesting mama goose in a cemetery?
Better than watching a royal wedding!
For almost a month, a male deer wandered in and out, often settling down near an urn where the ganderless mama goose sat on eggs.
Often, the deer put himself between mama goose and any people that might come by.
Officials of the cemetery were very touched by the scene and set up a 24/7 web cam and apparently notified the press.
AP covered the story and included the video on site.
I and others have constantly been checking on the progress of mama goose and her unusual protector for the past few weeks.
In the past few days, the deer was almost constantly around and that made us think that the hatchings  were imminent. 
Sure enough they were.  All seven of the babies hatched yesterday!
Mama has since moved her little ones to a nearby pond, where hopefully, they can live in peace without harassment and "cullings."
But, credit needs to go to officials of Forest Lawn cemetery for their compassion and sensitivity and sharing this wonderful story of special animal interactions with the rest of us! 
When I die I want to be buried in this cemetery.
With a special request that any geese or deer are free to nest or graze around my grave!
Congratulations to Mama goose for her Royal Birth!   -- PCA