Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Full Disclosure

The photo posted here today is not taken by myself.
It is from a June 17th, 2009,  USDA goose roundup and gassing that occurred on Randall's Island.
The then flightless and helpless geese (and goslings) were corralled, their feet were bound with plastic ties and they were then stuffed into crates and trucks and later gassed, presumably at Kennedy Airport.
The photo is one in a disturbing series taken by Robert Guadagna and posted on the "For the Love of Geese in Prospect Park" FB page by David Karopkin:
There is also a  short video posted on the site from this horrific day from the same photographer.   I have additionally posted the photos and video to the more general goose Facebook page, "Call of the Canada Geese":
It is critically important that people take the time to view these photos and video so that we have an idea of what really occurred in Prospect Park last year, as well as dozens of other locations around New York City for the last ten years.
Because these hideous roundups usually take place either under cover of darkness or very early in the morning (without media scrutiny), we rarely have photos or videos to show what is occurring in many of our public parks behind the public's back. -- Particularly during the months of June or early July, the time when the geese typically molt and are unable to fly and escape.
It is extremely important to note that these photos and video were shot during the roundups and NOT the actual goose gassings.
If the geese and goslings look terrified and cramped after being shoved 4 to 5 to a crate, it is unimaginable to consider what might have been happening during actual gassings where the geese can take up to an hour to die.
But, obviously the USDA and Kennedy Airport are not going to share such images with the public nor invite outsiders or media to shoot goose gassing photos and videos. 
These actions are covert and clandestine. Indeed, we don't even know the "secret location" at Kennedy Airport the geese are gassed.
"Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing."
The above quote is from Dr. Phil McGraw. 
It refers to the human tendency to hide and lie about matters that are otherwise regarded as immoral, unethical or shameful.
Deliberate cruelty to or massacre of animals is normally considered unethical, shameful and even illegal in our society.
But, apparently not when such actions have government sanction and are even carried out by government.
However, the fact that the numerous government agencies involved in goose roundups and slaughters take such care to "hide" and  even lie about these actions indicates that even the officials have to realize there is something very insidious and shameful about these activities.
(When using the loaded term, "lie,"  I am referring to those attempts by governmental agencies, park officials and politicians to typically employ euphemisms such as "goose removals" and "euthanasia" to sugarcoat and cover up the brutal realities of goose roundups, inhumane transport and gassings to the public.  While it may be true that the geese are "removed" there is no way one could truthfully refer to CO2 gassings of unanesthetized waterfowl as "euthanasia."  The latter is in fact, a bold faced lie that totally bastardizes and renders meaningless, the term, "euthanasia.")
It is of course quite possible that the bureaucrats and officials responsible for these hideous and barbaric decisions and actions tell themselves there is "nothing wrong" with them but hide and lie about the massacres because they feel the public and media "wouldn't understand."
Well, that is actually quite correct.
Anyone with even half a moral conscious or sense of right and wrong "wouldn't understand" such atrocity masquerading as "removal" or even worse, "euthanasia."
The calendar has just now hit the month of June.
Thus far, we still have no word or press release of exactly when or where the next set of USDA goose roundups and gassings will occur this month around New York City.
The agencies, officials and USDA are apparently taking extra care this year to be even more secretive than they have been in the past.
But, we the public and the press have to finally say "No" to the secrecy, the cover-ups, the obfuscations, the euphemisms and most of all, the massacres.
We need to demand full disclosure.  We need to demand the truth.
But, most of all, we need to demand from our great city and its leaders, an end to the deadly contract with the United States Department of Agriculture for goose roundups and gassings.
New Yorkers -- and the innocent Canada geese deserve better. -- PCA

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For the love of the geese said...

thank you patty. i agree with you 1000%. Its bad enough they are using our tax dollars to do this, the LEAST we deserve is disclosure.