Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goose Roundup for Gassing, Delafield, Wisconsin (Follow-up)

As follow-up to the last entry, here are some of the photos from Delafield, Wisconsin that Jim has shared with us.
Please note the size of the crates in which from 3 to 6 adult geese are crammed in.
Small goslings separated from parents in one crate.
Note, the ganders still trying in vain, to protect their families.
Keep in mind the geese, when loaded on the trailer were taken away to an undisclosed location for gassing.
Keep in mind, these SAME roundups are occurring now all around New York City with the geese being sent on a journey of hell, 2 to 4 hours away to a Pennsylvania slaughterhouse.
Keep in mind, that according to the photographer and witness to the Wisconsin massacre, "the geese were half dead by the time they were loaded on to the trailer."
PLEASE ATTEND tomorrow's (Thursday) Friends of Animals protest at the Mayor's townhouse, 17 East 79th Street (Between Fifth and Madison Ave) beginning at 6: PM!  The geese need every one of us to speak up for them!  -- PCA

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