Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Humane Disposal"

No sooner had yesterday's "God's Birds" entry been posted, that a slew of grisly articles suddenly appeared, proclaiming in Pollyanna fashion,  that this year's rounded up park geese will be sent to Pennsylvania slaughterhouses.  The Huffington Post referred to this as as, "disposing of the birds more humanely."
Obviously, the press doesn't "get" either the issue itself or the story.
Invading city parks to conduct massacres on exiles who have merely escaped persecution elsewhere is akin to thieves invading our homes and shooting our pet dogs and cats.
What would it matter how "humanely" they disposed of our beloved animals's bodies?  Or, if the bodies were then "fed to the poor?"
Please read this piece from yesterday's NY Times:
And this article from the Wall Street Journal:
Please immediately go to the "For the Love of Geese at Prospect Park" Facebook page for directives on important calls to make today to save the geese.
I now have to get cracking to make some calls, among them, to my representatives and the Mayor's office (311).  -- PCA

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