Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to the Future? -- Longings of a Loner Goose and Human

(Photos: 1-- Brad, keeping his two charges, Wiggly and Honker in line this morning.  2-- Danny, the loner goose, rejecting opportunity and seemingly hoping for return to the future.)

Back to the Drawing Board.

This morning I went to Harlem Meer shortly after dawn.
It was pleasing to see that Brad has apparently "regrouped" his two charges, Wiggly and Honker.  

All three flightless ducks were harmoniously together and remained that way throughout the time I was there. 

It is hoped that Wiggly's tendency to sometimes "wander from the reservation" has been tempered and reigned in with some good old common sense and vigilance from Brad. 

Though the living may seem somewhat "easy" now with the still warm weather, plentiful food supplies and flurry of mallards for security, conditions will change over the next few months.  

Unity and cooperation are critical to the ultimate survival of the domestic ducks.

Although I had been hopeful that Danny, the "loner" goose at Harlem Meer would attempt to join the family of 8 geese who arrived at the Meer last week and stayed for several days, it does not appear that occurred.

The family was no where on the lake this morning.  However, Danny was in his usual location, hanging out with the mallards.

Apparently, Danny is still hoping and waiting to reunite with his own mate or family.  However, that is extremely unlikely to occur.

Danny always appears as a lonely figure on the lake -- especially when surrounded by large flocks of quacking ducks. 

I am not sure if Danny simply lacked the confidence or will to attempt integration into the new goose family or if he is just a foolish optimist.   But, if there was opportunity for him to again find a flock, this was it. 

Though extremely tight knit as a family unit, the lead gander of the group was neither aggressive nor territorial. 

I am not sure if Danny will get such opportunity again to join another goose flock.  Presence of resident goose gaggles these days at Harlem Meer are few and far between. 

Nevertheless, as long as there are plenty of ducks at the Meer, Danny is capable of survival.

It is a lonely existence for him, but it is a choice he has seemingly made.

Back to the Future?

Last night I watched former President Clinton's speech at the Democratic convention.

Although his job and the purpose of his speech was to make the case for the reelection of President Obama, I found myself simply longing for his own presidency to reoccur.

"Ah, that we could only reject the rest of this convention, the debates and the election itself and just put Clinton back in the White House!  We need a return to the center!  We need to return to common sense!

Perhaps I am like Danny waiting and wishing for his family to return.

I will be going to the polls this November not to vote "for" anyone, but rather to vote against candidates whose mandates, agendas and social engineering policies I have viewed damaging to the country over the past four years, including the current President's.

But, perhaps there is hope for 2016?

Though the Democratic party rejected her for President in 2008 in favor of a great orator riding in on a magic carpet, I am hopeful that Hillary may again run for the White House.

It appears Danny, the loner goose and I have a few things in common.

We both want to go back to the future.  -- PCA


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