Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SOS for Two Geese to be Shot this Saturday at Huntingdon Park in Pennsylvania

For more than two years this blog has been dedicated to exposing our country's "war on geese" which has expanded from the cruel to the absurd.

Thousands of Canada geese have been rounded up from New York City parks (and even a national wildlife refuge) and been subjected to violent death either by slaughter or gassing.

At Honeymoon Lake in California, private citizens were compelled to organize this summer to rescue a family of five molting, flightless geese peacefully residing on the lake in order to save them from a planned USDA roundup and cull the following week.

One has to seriously wonder what our country is coming to in our relationships with other animals?  

It seems it is coming to this:

It appears that our tolerance for wildlife in a public park has descended to zero.

The above video was recently filmed at Indian Lake Park in Pennsylvania where this Saturday, a "managed hunt" is planned for the existing geese there.

The video-maker takes the viewer on a walk-through in the park were we finally find TWO geese peacefully standing on the edge of the lake.

Can this be real?  Can it be true?

Apparently, it is very real.

Despite what appears to be a predominantly goose-empty park, a handful of hunters will descend this Saturday in attempt to wipe out the two geese who are there or any other misfortunates who happen to fly over at the time.

We as citizens of this country may not be able to save the hundreds of thousands of Canada geese destined to be blown out of the skies by hunters this year in rural areas or the thousands of geese rounded up from urban parks and massacred by USDA. 

However, we should be able to save two geese trying to survive in an urban park in Pennsylvania.

Please take a couple of minutes out of the day to drop a short and polite note to the leadership of this park and urge them to immediately cancel the planned "hunt.":

"Management to extinction" cannot stand as the goal and "plan" for any civilized nation or park community. -- PCA


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