Thursday, September 20, 2012

"From Wildlife Refuge to Table" -- Douse the Geese in Honey and Chomp Down on Lead Bird Shot

(Photos:  Geese rounded up from Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge this July. "Individually crated?") 

Conflicting, mysterious and incorrect information continues ad infitum regarding what really happened to the 711 geese rounded up from Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and surrounding areas by USDA in July of this year.

Apparently, 40 geese were rounded up from a nearby landfill on July 5th and sent to Parker's Poultry Processing in Dansville, NY -- a full 6 hours away from NYC.

But, within days, almost 500 geese from Westchester and 711 from Jamaica Bay were rounded up and sent to Kroll Farm Market in New Windsor, New York as reported in this article published yesterday:

It is a mystery why 40 geese rounded up from the same general area were sent 6 hours away to be slaughtered Kosher style (two vein cuts on conscious animals who then bleed out) and days later, remaining geese are sent elsewhere.

Considering that USDA had more than a year to find and determine what "processing plant" NYC geese would be sent, the sudden change in venue within days is bewildering. -- Almost as if USDA makes up plans as it goes along.

When asked what method was used to kill the more than 1,000 geese from NYC, the owner of Krall's Farm Market refuses to tell the reporter. --  Only that the geese were killed "humanely."

Lacking any actual description, the word, "humanely" is thus rendered completely  meaningless.

It is difficult to imagine how "7 or 8 workers" were able to kill more than 1,000 geese "humanely" within a few hours.

As far as the geese being rounded up "humanely" and put into "individual crates," that is simply another lie.

As shown many times in this blog, multiple geese are stuffed into crates and that was true from Jamaica Bay as elsewhere.  That is the MO for how USDA operates. (see photos above)

Perhaps the most interesting thing in the article however, is the "warning" about geese potentially containing bird shot -- along with mercury, lead and PCB's.

No matter how fancy the cooking equipment nor how long the breast meat is "marinated or cooked," it will not be long enough to remove lead bird shot.

Imagine chomping down on bird shot while one is supposedly "enjoying a meal?"

One food bank representative says its just a matter of "awareness" to avoid the bird shot.

Are people feeding this stuff to kids who have just grown in their adult teeth?  How do they make the children "aware" of how to avoid bird shot?

It is beyond words what to say about these mindless, brutal goose slaughters, the misleading articles and the sugar-coated euphemisms and "cooking instructions" used to dress them up.

They could douse these slaughtered (or gassed) geese in honey and it would not be enough to remove the putrid and overwhelming stench of what these actions truly represent. -- PCA


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