Friday, October 5, 2012

Delivery -- Both Good and Bad for Wildlife

At Long Last, the Signs!

Fantastic news regarding fishing abuses at Central Park.  It is strongly hoped that this may spread to all other city parks where recreational fishing is allowed.

Since making numerous complaint calls regarding fishing abuses following Brad's (the domestic Rouen duck who had survived for years at Harlem Meer) untimely death, I have not seen any night fisherman at the Meer and have noted more park patrols.

However, the biggest indicator that CP is now taking fishing abuses seriously are recently erected signs at Harlem Meer. 

I was shocked last night to discover new "Fishing Rules" signs posted around the Meer (something that had been needed for years).

Not only do the signs post rules, but they also spell out why the rules are necessary (primarily, dangers to fish and other wildlife).

The signs clearly state that it is "catch and release" fishing only.  That no barbed hooks are allowed nor "lead weights" on fishing lines.  That fishing lines have to be properly discarded in the provided receptacles. 

The signs further state,  "Any violations of rules will result in summonses."

Words cannot express the joy in seeing these new and very explicit signs. They seem to cover all the abuses.    (I will be taking photos of the signs tonight. I had forgotten my camera last night.)

While it would be ego pleasing to think my calls resulted in the signs, I have to suspect that either someone of greater influence than I brought pressure to bear on CP, Dept of Parks and Recreation, DEC and DEP -- or that an autopsy was conducted on Brad and it was discovered he died due to fishing-related injury or lead poisoning.

It is sad to think my very favorite duck had to die to get "something done," but it seems that it is always the way unfortunately (i.e. something bad has to happen).    I just wish the signs had been in place earlier as they had been requested.  There is little doubt Brad would still be alive today.

Still, "better late than never."   Hopefully the signs will prevent similar injury or poisoning to other waterfowl.  The abusers cannot claim ignorance of fishing rules anymore.

For those fishing-allowing parks and recreational areas without proper and similar signs, it is strongly suggested that environmentalists and wildlife lovers push for them.  

Central Park now stands as a kind of role model for finally doing what is right.

"Sales" and Delivery

While positive development and welcomed news to finally see fishing rules posted in Central Park, one is still at loss to see any Canada geese in New York City's most prestigious park.

That is not due however to any neglectful or nefarious actions on the part of Central Park leadership.

Rather, a goose-empty Central Park (at a time there would normally be many geese) is almost entirely due to our ruthless and morally bankrupt politicians, as well as USDA "Wildlife (extermination) Services."

Primary among these culprits is New York Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand (D) who is now running for re-election and airing political commercials on TV.

Gillibrand's smiling face and proclamations about "transparency" in government literally make my skin crawl.

Nowhere in her commercials, email blasts or Facebook page does Gillibrand mention her personal and irrational crusade to wipe out New York City's resident Canada geese as she did in this press release from a few months ago:

Aside from wondering how much money had to borrowed from China or swindled from taxpayers to finance these senseless, wasteful  and brutal goose massacres, one has to associate the sight of parks without any geese with Gillibrand specifically and the Democratic party in general which has primarily held power both in New York and nationally over the past 4 years.

Yesterday, President Obama was on the campaign trail bitterly accusing his opponent of "lying" during a debate that Obama lost the night before.  "You don't want to buy what this guy (Romney) is selling!" proclaimed our lofty President who only 4 years ago ran on the platform of "Hope, Change and "Yes, we can!"

Well, there were "changes" over these past 4 years for sure.  But, who would have ever thought that the changes and "Yes, we cans!" referred to exterminating thousands of Canada geese in New York City and elsewhere?

It is up to the voters to decide whose "lies" being sold will be bought on Election Day.

I only know that I do not like and nor will "buy" what Obama and the Democrats have delivered over the past four years -- Wildlife carnage and government dependency.

Our city parks (and most Amercians) function just fine without the "help" of the federal government (in the form of USDA goose killers) and interference of cheap, ambitious Senators like Gillibrand.

I fear that if these same politicians win office again, we will soon have to confront a new and even deadlier federal  "War on ducks."  

Extremism, propaganda, cruelty and irrationality apparently know no limits. -- PCA


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