Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dogs Like Humans and Humans Like Dogs (and Ducks)

(Photo:  Tina, [front] Chance and me.)

Just when you think you "know it all," you discover that you don't.

I think I learned some new and interesting things about dogs yesterday. 

Although I don't write about them often in this blog, I have two dogs.

Both of my dogs are long haired and have short legs.  Tina is a Corgi/Spitz mix (I think) and Chance (AKA "Puppy Boy") is an 18 lb Pomeranian who, because of his "super size" is sometimes mistaken by people as a small Chow Chow.  

Both of my dogs are "senior citizens" (like me). Tina is almost 17-years old and Chance is about 14 years which is pretty high up there in dog years.

Particularly with "Puppy Boy," his dense, long hair can sometimes be a problem -- especially when walking in the park when the ground is wet and muddy. The fur on the fluffy Pomeranian's belly tends to get dirty and matted.

Although I brush Puppy regularly, I apparently missed a mat in a "sensitive" spot.

Usually if finding any mats, I either brush them out or cut with scissors.

Last week, I discovered a severe mat around Puppy Boy's penis.

Puppy Boy would not allow me to cut it.

Apparently, a woman coming with scissors to the "family jewels" is not a welcomed sight even for a dog.

Puppy Boy greeted my feeble attempt to trim with growls, snarls and actual bite attempts.

And so it was off to the vet yesterday.

My vet and I determined that the area had to be shaved.  But, since Puppy was in such an "agitated" state, he would have to be sedated and knocked out for the "delicate" procedure.

That meant I had to wait in the vet's office for almost three hours until Puppy Boy came out of the anesthesia.

That actually turned out to be a pleasant experience as I met a number of former adopters and people I had known in more than 20 years of animal rescue work.  The time actually flew by as it was like an evening at Cheers (where "everybody knows your name").

But, here comes the kicker:

Puppy Boy was finally ready and I walked him home.

Normally when I come home, Tina (my other dog) greets me at the door as if I have been gone for days.  (That is true even if I have only been gone five minutes.)

However, yesterday, Tina completely ignored me and wildly greeted Puppy Boy like he was her long lost mother!   (What am I? I wondered.  A hand with a food bowl at the end?)

Well, its easy to see where Tina's priorities are!  

Forget the human, its only the boyfriend that counts!

Needless to say, my ego has been crushed.

But, I learned something about dogs yesterday -- even the two I thought I knew like the back of my hand.

When a pair, dogs' bond to each other is probably stronger than their bond to their human "owners."

I hesitate to think what it would be like for either of my dogs, were I to lose the cherished other.   (Perhaps dogs aren't so different from humans?) 

Fortunately for me, both Tina and Chance (i.e. "Puppy Boy") are healthy dogs despite their "old" ages and the occasional medical challenges of overgrown dew claws and a mat near the pecker.

I have to hope it stays that way for a long, long time. --  One reason for those daily two mile hikes to Central Park. 

Speaking of which........I have not seen even one fisherman at night in Harlem Meer since making those numerous complaint calls two weeks ago.

I have however, seen more police patrols.

Last night a cop was even checking the grass near the lake embankments with a flashlight.

Of course this might all be (and probably is) attributable to something else. Perhaps there was some recent theft or other crime I don't know about at Central or other city parks.

But, I would like to think the calls had something to do with the new surveillance and vigilance. 

I just wish now I had made those calls before the death of Brad, the beloved domestic Rouen duck who had survived for years at Harlem Meer......I truly believe Brad would still be alive today.

Nevertheless, it is a far better situation now for the ducks and other wildlife at the Meer than it was before.

The ducks are a pretty happy, care-free lot these past couple of weeks as the weather is beautiful, there is still plenty of food around and very little in the way of actual danger and threat.

I guess sometimes we have to "bitch" to actually get some good done.

As dogs are like humans, humans sometimes have to be like dogs.  And both are a little like ducks.  -- PCA 


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