Friday, October 12, 2012

Reality Bites (wildlife and political)

(Photo:  Wiggly and flock mate, Honker at Harlem Meer.)

Prospect Park, Fishing Hook Swan

The Prospect Park Alliance is claiming they are "trying" to rescue the swan with the imbedded fishing hook, but we need to take that with a huge grain of salt. PP Alliance has failed to return a simple phone message on the matter and that requires far less effort than rescue and removal of fishing tackle from a water bird.  

It's utterly fascinating that 368 Canada geese were rounded up tor gassing two years ago at PP, but leadership claim they "can't capture" one swan.

Perhaps the PP Alliance should call USDA "Wildlife Services" to capture the swan as USDA was so efficient two years ago in "teamwork" and bird capture. 

But, the Alliance would have to request that USDA leave its mobile gas chambers at home. 

Removal of fishing tackle is one matter. "Removal" of the birds, something else.
Seeing Double

As reported in this blog, Wiggly, one of the two surviving domestic ducks at Harlem Mere has taken on many of the behaviors of Brad, her former mentor and companion who perished more than two weeks ago.

I am now used to Wiggly being the first duck to greet me when arriving to at the Mere as Brad always did.

However, what has seemed downright eerie is the way Wiggly now follows me when leaving the Mere -- and leads a small flock of ducks with her.

This particular image and new behavior is so reminiscent of Brad, it prompted me to tears the other night.

It was as if suddenly seeing double.
Political Bites

Most Americans are these days caught up in the political debates and run for the White House.

Last night, there was the debate between to the two Vice Presidential candidates, current Vice President Joe Biden and challenger Rep. Paul Ryan.

Martha Raddatz did an exceptional job as moderator, Ryan was respectful and on top of his game and Biden seemingly overdosed on laughing gas or Red Bull.

Admittedly, I am not a fan of the current administration due mostly  to massive federal goose (and other wildlife) slaughters over the past 4 years, as well as perceived dishonesty in foreign and domestic affairs.  Perhaps I am now biased.

But, I personally found Biden's smirks, laughs and interruptions annoying, condescending and unbefitting a VP of United States

Biden's attempts at emotional manipulation for sympathy or votes were even more troubling and offensive.

Especially the mention of his former wife and daughter dying in car accident.  Were Biden using the tragedy to propose legislation on automobile safety, one might have understood.  But, it was just thrown in there (as in previous debates) as seeming emotional ploy. 

Ditto on the issue of abortion which is not an over-riding and pressing issue these days.

Though Biden would seemingly want us to believe that appointed Supreme Court justices make up or write their own laws from the bench, the fact is they rule on legal issues brought before them.   Scare tactics are really not helpful in political discord.

But, not to worry.

Romney received endorsement today from actress Lindsay Lohan. 

That surely provides ticket to the White House despite whatever happens in debates or the millions spent by both parties on political campaigns.  -- PCA


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