Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Nice Runners and a Red Tailed Hawk!

Pictures above: The Red Tail Hawk on the stake-out -- hopefully not for fat Pomeranians! Runners on the bridal path -- or, "Boys Night Out?" My dog, Tina checking out squirrels or new buds on the trees -- the path less traveled.
Since the world of animal rescue has once again turned bleak over the past couple of days with calls to dump or place animals outnumbering adoption inquiries about 5 to 1, I will try to focus attention on the more positive experiences of this period.

One of those was catching sight of a red tailed hawk in Central Park early yesterday evening!

Immediately, I dropped the leashes on my two dogs, Tina and Chance to grab my camera! (Both dogs are now sufficiently trained to stay put when I am snapping pictures.)

Unfortunately, the light was dark and overcast making this kind of photography difficult. Moreover, I had to use the zoom on my simple "point and shoot" camera, which without a tripod, causes some blur.

If these challenges weren't enough, a jogger came running down the path I was on and Puppy Boy suddenly decided to turn into Protective Dog!

Chance (aka "Puppy Boy") started to chase the jogger and nip at the young man's heels!

Embarrassed, I had to corral my wayward "guard dog" and apologize. But, the young fellow was very nice about it -- even to the point of laughing it off.

I guess there are still some nice people in the world.

I then returned to trying to get a couple of shots of the hawk, who, by that time was staring down at the dogs and me, wondering I suppose, what all the commotion was about.

Or, perhaps he was considering my fat Pomeranian as a possible dinner!

I decided to quickly get out of there.

Dusk is one of my favorite times in the park. Most people are leaving, but the runners remain.

Lots of runners in the spring and summer.

That has always seemed a bit strange to me, since one would think the cold weather would be far more pleasant for running. Then again, what do I know about running? Swimming and walking are my "sports." And long walks are something I definitely prefer in the colder weather. Perhaps running however, is different?

The trees are all suddenly starting to sprout buds and tiny leaves now.

Amazing how only last week they were entirely bare!

The park changes from day to day and even from hour to hour, depending on the lighting, weather and season.

But, whatever the day on the calendar, Central Park is always beautiful to me. -- especially when one is lucky to find a swan, a duck, a blue-jay, a cardinal, a raccoon, a coyote or a red tail hawk!

Indeed, one never knows what one will find and see -- even if already having been to the park ten thousand times (as I think I have.)

Always fun to take pictures too -- even if your dog is suddenly chasing a jogger down the path.

Just pray that the runners are nice and have a sense of humor about it. ;) -- PCA


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