Thursday, March 25, 2010

Urban Coyotes?

(Picture Left: A couple finding serenity in the park last night. Hopefully, the coyote finds his/her way here.)

It was all over the news last night that a coyote was -- and is running around downtown Manhattan.

News cameras captured the scared coyote cringing under a parked car. But, when the cops gave chase, s/he disappeared into thin air. -- Not easy on busy Manhattan streets.

Gotta give it to these creatures. They are wily and they are smart. -- Smarter than most criminals.

Of course I saw a coyote a couple of weeks back in Central Park. Its possible this is the same one, but unlikely.

Speculation was that the coyote might have traveled from New Jersey through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Well, there is no doubt that coyotes move very fast. And they can jump very high too, as I personally witnessed.

Most people interviewed on Manhattan streets seemed pretty cool about having a coyote in their midsts.

Personally, I believe it must be quite terrifying for a wild animal like this to find him/herself in the middle of Manhattan.

But, no more terrifying than being captured and taken to the AC&C (Animal control shelter.).

The last unfortunate coyote captured and forced to spend several days in the overcrowded pound died from apparent stress and panic.

Viewers of the news were told to call 311 or Animal Control if spotting the coyote. But, I certainly didn't -- and wouldn't.

The city obviously has no humane plan for these animals.

Hopefully, the coyote finds his/her way to Central Park.

After all, if Red Tail Hawks can live there, why not a coyote or two?

Coyotes are no more a threat to someone's toy poodle or small child than the hawks.

Coyotes are far more afraid of us than we them.

Yes, I am hoping that the coyote will find his/her way to Central Park.

Maybe, if I am lucky I will be able to get a picture of him/her at some point.

And hopefully, if the coyote is lucky, s/he will find the quiet peace of the park that so many of us humans enjoy. -- PCA

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