Monday, March 29, 2010

Great News and (at Long Last) Kudos!

Its taken a few days to learn exactly what happened to the female coyote darted and brought to Animal Control last Thursday.

And it is really good (for a change) to be able to report exceptionally wonderful news!

The coyote was determined to be in good health and was released to someone in the animal field who is highly respected, experienced and expert both in animals, transportation and just about every inch of the five boroughs.

If anyone would know the proper and humane procedures for release of a wild animal and appropriate location, it would be this man (who shall remain nameless here).

The location of the release of the coyote was not divulged to me, nor should it be publicly.

Sadly, coyotes are still very much misunderstood and hated by much of the public and to release sensitive information like that would only bring out those "Not In MY Neighborhood" people or worse, those who would actually do harm to the coyote.

I am grateful to the AC&C for not releasing that information. It would be totally unwise, detrimental or even deadly to the coyote.

And so yes, at long last there is some exciting and truly positive information to report here!

We seem to be slowly but finally moving away from those dreaded and barbaric days of simply killing everything we refuse to understand or learn about.

Kudos to the AC&C and the city of New York on this one! -- PCA


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Anonymous said...

Great news indeed!!