Friday, March 26, 2010

What Will Become of the Manhattan Coyote?

What awaits the Manhattan coyote captured yesterday morning and brought to the AC&C? The answer unclear as what's on the other side of the bridge.....

On the news last night, they reported that the coyote who was roaming around Tribecca was captured yesterday morning and brought to the Manhattan AC&C.

Considering the current state of our animal shelters, that is not good news at all.

The entire first floor of the two story shelter in Manhattan is still shut down for various cosmetic procedures (like painting) which results in severe lack of cage space and overcrowding on the second floor of the facility. Moreover, the shelter has been running out of basic supplies in recent weeks, such as wet food and (as of last week,) dog leashes.

One is forced to wonder how an animal shelter conducts dog adoptions without something as basic and necessary as temporary dog leashes?

The city and shelter officials always seem to deny any serious or long term problems. "Euthanasia down, adoptions up!" Whatever reported problems or shortages are merely temporary glitches.

But, I personally am beginning to think they would say the same were they captains on the Titanic: "Everything is fine! All problems resolved."

When a coyote named "Hal" was captured and brought to the AC&C several years ago, the entire shelter was in use and there was no shortage of basic supplies. The coyote still died from the stress of being held in an overcrowded facility not meant for wildlife. In fact, the building wasn't created for cats and dogs initially.

Of course the local news tried to put a "positive spin" on yesterday's story. According to the report on ABC, the coyote (after medical evaluation) "will either be released to the wild or sent to a zoo."

Well, let's see what actually happens.

Stay tuned...... PCA


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