Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Tell Leno!

(Picture Left: "The light at the end of the bridge" really an oncoming car. -- In this case, a police car patrolling Central Park at night.)

"A new study indicates that only 7% of Internet users are still on dial-up. We call them Grandmothers!"

The above was a joke by Jay Leno a couple of weeks ago.

I am not yet a Grandmother, but I am one of the pathetic "7%" still on dial-up. (And if you think that is bad, I still have a Walkman and a tape deck -- both of which I regularly use!)

OK, so some people are a bit slow to "get with the program" or catch up to the times.

But, all that is about to change.

I have an appointment this week to finally get the phone, Internet and TV all on the cable service.

But, it is not a change I made lightly or (certainly) in haste.

On the contrary. I was more or less forced to.

More than a month ago, I was without any phone (or Internet) service for a full week.

I could then appreciate the disadvantages of being on "dial up." -- If the phone went out, so did all online activity. -- I had hundreds of backed up emails!

The Verizon guys finally showed up, put some lines together in the basement and voila, I was back in business!

Or, so I thought.....

Reality is, however, that even though I got a dial tone back and could once again receive and make calls, at least half the time those calls were impeded by loud static and squeaking (like someone strangling a cat!) on the line. What's more, my Internet service was tremendously slowed down to the point, I could barely get through the daily emails (let alone write daily blog entries.)

The static and squeaking wasn't however, constant. In fact, it magically cleared up the next two times Verizon repair showed up!

"The line is fine!" I was told. "Clear as a bell!"

Almost as soon as the Verizon guy left, the problem returned.

So, I finally got sick of the disruptions, squeaking, squealing, and computer freezes. And I was especially sick of having to call Telephone Repair!

"We'll see if we can get a technician over."

"But, the problem isn't my phone or the lines in my apartment or building! I put in a different phone and still have the problem! What's more, if it was the equipment here, why would it work sometimes and not others?"

I was getting nowhere.

Maybe Telephone Repair figured I was some nut who just liked to bitch or had some neurotic need for "attention" (though they could hear the static and squeaking on the line).

I finally called Time Warner and arranged for everything to go on the cable line.

By the end of the week, I should finally have a modem (whatever that is), be on high speed Internet and into the 21st Century!

But, I will still have my tape deck and Walkman. -- Don't want to rush things, after all.

Just don't tell Jay Leno. -- PCA


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