Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Weary Kind

(Picture Left: "Ginger." Loving, devoted and "highly adoptable" Chihuahua. Nevertheless, still sitting in foster almost two months following her rescue. "Highly Adoptable?" What does it mean?)

Yesterday, I wrote about certain desires to slowly move away from animal rescue and adoptions. There are no specific reasons or incidents for these feelings.

Truth is, they are to be found in the everyday.

Yesterday, for example. A conversation with a young woman named, Jennifer:

The story begins some weeks back, when one evening I pulled an 8-year-old, Pekingese named, "Manny" off the AC&C Euth list.

Manny was on the dreaded list due to serious injury.

Though a suspected "cruelty case," the shelter could not prove any wrongdoing or intent on the part of the people who dropped Manny off as a "stray." Sure, it is always possible they found the injured Pekingese on the street. But, more likely they kicked the little dog around resulting in a severely broken leg (along with bruises). The injured leg would require surgery.

I arranged with the shelter and my vet to have Manny dropped off at the vet clinic. There, Manny would stay until such time the surgery could be performed (as well as neutering) and he was well enough to go into a foster home.

Of course my "job" then was to seek out a waiting foster home.

I discussed Manny's plight with a number of potential fosters.

The most promising however, was a young and caring woman named Jennifer living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (near the location of my vet). Proximity to my vet was important assuming the dog would have to be brought back for check-ups on the leg and/or cast removal.

Jennifer lives alone and has no other pets. She is renting her apartment from a friend who also owns the building.

Jennifer was very confident she could foster Manny. There are other dogs in the building and she was told that having a dog would be "OK", provided she first asked permission from the Landlady -- Jennifer's, "friend."

I put "friend" in quotes because yesterday, after learning Manny was well enough to leave the vet (after several weeks) and arrangements were made with Jennifer for pick-up, the landlady "friend" suddenly said, "No."

"I don't understand," I said to Jennifer. "We're talking an 8-year-old, little Pekingese here, not a wild puppy or 150 lb Rottweiler. What's the problem?"

"She's concerned the dog might pee all over the place."

"I can provide you with a cage if that is the worry. He is crated at the vet. He can't 'pee all over the place' if he is confined!"

"I know, but......"

This was a very frustrating conversation.

I could not believe anyone could say "No" to a tiny victim of suspected cruelty who simply needs temporary foster and care until an adoptive home could be found.

Then again, I should believe it.

Almost two months ago, we rescued an older, but very sweet little Chihuahua named, "Ginger" from Animal Control.

Ginger is a healthy and very loving and devoted little dog. Although there were some initial adjustments to her new foster situation (and particularly to men) Ginger has come around really well and is normally what would be considered, a "highly adoptable" dog.

But, I don't know what "highly adoptable" means anymore.

Despite Ginger being advertised on multiple Adoption sites, I have yet to receive even one decent adoption inquiry on her.

This despite the ASPCA telling the public and the media that there is some kind of "shortage" of Chihuahuas in New York City. Hence, the rationalization for a new program in which "overpopulated" Chihuahuas are sent from Los Angeles to New York City where we supposedly have waiting homes for the little dogs.

What, "waiting homes" I wonder?

I am so tired of all the lies and misrepresentations of reality to the people and the press.

And "lie" is exactly the term I used yesterday to Jennifer with reference to her landlady's initial promise that is was "OK" to have a dog provided she got permission.

"If she is not going to allow a 12 lb, older Pekingese with a broken leg into the building, what in the HELL was she going to 'give permission' to? It seems, Jennifer you were lied to."

Yes, I am very weary of all the lies and nonsense over too, too many years.

And that is, in fact, what makes me want to "run" from all this.

So much more infinitely pleasant to take photographs of animals living free from most of society's whims and hypocrisy. -- PCA


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