Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Did the Love Go?

(Pictures: Leslie, the Chow and Benji, the Cocker Spaniel. Both dogs discarded at the pound during the sunset days of their lives. -- Where did the love go -- if indeed it ever existed for these dogs?)
I have finally entered the 21st century -- and of course, wonder why I didn't get high speed Internet years ago?

It reminds of words from an old Alanis Morrisette song: "Good advice that you just didn't take" (from the song, "Ironic."). Yes, everyone was telling me to do this, but my attitude was, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

It took more than a month of really shoddy phone service to finally get me to make the switch from dial-up to Broadband.

Unfortunately, I've spent the last hour or so, scouting funny animal videos on YouTube.

Probably, not a real constructive use of one's time, but a lot of laughs nonetheless.

One of the funniest videos was this one:

Perhaps I have a warped sense of humor. But, a swan attacking and chasing a blushing bride somehow cracked me up. -- Perhaps I have been in animal work too long.

In other news, we have new rescues for the week.

I am in fact, picking up two dogs from Animal Control later today.

One is an older (ten years) Chow named, "Less" (strange name for a girl) who apparently was dumped off at the pound as a "stray."

Older Chows who have been in a home for many years tend to shut down when they arrive at animal shelters and (let's call her) Leslie is no different. Apparently, Leslie has Arthritis and between the pain of that and the shut down stuff associated with the breed, volunteers had a hard time getting her to walk.

But, Leslie is a lucky dog.

My friend and long-time Chow lover, Marcia from Pennsylvania has offered to take Leslie.

Marcia now has a small pack of older (and all very sweet) Chows whose otherwise certain destiny at the pound was death.

One is deaf. Another is already on meds for Arthritis. But, all are doing well and are happy and secure in their lovely, country home.

Thank God for people like Marcia. -- Those merciful souls willing to take the older, discarded dogs (of whatever breed) to make the latter years of the animals' lives comfortable, secure and happy.

It is so sad to see senior cats and dogs who have been in a home for many years suddenly dumped in a pound.

I believe the last obligation we have to our pets is to see to it that they leave this world feeling loved and valued.

Abandonment should not be their last memory and treatment from humans.

The other dog we are picking up tomorrow is a senior, loving Cocker Spaniel named, "Benji" whose former family decided that after nine years, they suddenly had "no time" for him.

Considering that senior animals are usually less rambunctious than puppies and don't require the same exercise "time" one would think caring for them would be easier.

But, its amazing how many people discard pet cats and dogs that they have had for many years.

What is it that breaks the "bond" they supposedly once had with the animals?

Where did the love go -- if indeed it ever was there in the first place?

Yesterday, a man called seeking to "put up for adoption" the family's ten-year-old Boxer/Pug mix. The reason the man gave was that his wife had a baby a few months ago and it was too much "trouble" to care for the baby and also walk the dog.

I suggested that he hire a dog walker to walk the dog during the daytime and that he take over the duty at night.

"Its hard right now," I said. "But, once the child starts walking, things will be easier."

But, I should have asked, "Where did the love go for your animal?"

Had I done that, he surely would have hung-up.

How sad that we can never really say -- or ask, what we are really thinking.

But, in the meantime, I am laughing hysterically at a video showing a swan chasing and nipping at the dress of a newly married bride.

Analyze that, Mr. Freud. -- PCA


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