Saturday, August 6, 2011

Honeymoon Lake No "Honeymoon" for the Geese

I don't normally post all the revolting articles about goose kills and massacres on this blog.
However, every now and then a goose slaughter comes along that is so vile, so outrageous, and so utterly irrational and insane that it deserves special recognition:
"Honeymoon Lake" in the state of Washington.
The name conjures up warm and cozy images of what might be a kind of paradise for devoted couples in love and newly married.
But, for three pairs of devoted and mated Canada geese and their goslings, "Honeymoon Lake" became instead, something more akin to the, "St. Valentine's Day Massacre."
On June 22 of this year, all 19 geese and their babies were rounded up and gassed by the USDA,  "Wildlife (Extermination) Services."   USDA was paid $860.00 for the massacre by the Honeymoon Lake Community Club:
But, members of the community are clearly distraught about the killings that took place on "Honeymoon Lake," even citing that area children had named the goslings.
Apparently, it was three members (part time residents) on the Community Board who ordered the slaughter without consensus of the residents.
On the contrary, residents had been promised that a future board meeting would occur to discuss non-lethal management of the geese.
Instead, the geese's fates were sealed in a back door deal and contract signing with the USDA Wildlife (Extermination) Services.
Its almost like we are talking of mafia hits.
Indeed, $860.00 to round up and gas 19 defenseless geese and goslings who could not fly, seems like a lucrative and easy "mafia hit" -- even as our nation is trillions in dept and just suffered a degrading of our credit rating.
It seems the only people really "making money" these days are the wildlife hit men working for USDA. -- Tax money, in fact.
But, it wasn't just "honeymoon" couples they went after on Honeymoon Lake.
It was three entire families.
Even the young of the slain are not spared in our wildlife extermination, mafia-style hits. --PCA