Friday, April 27, 2012

Crosses of the Geese

The caravan of morbid, fear-engendering and goose-condemning articles continue to spin and spiral down a pike as if on some flaming highway to hell.
While difficult to choose from such array of mindless and spiritless propaganda to share, today there is this piece out of Sanford, New York which seems to take top prize in the tortures of the damned department:
First we destroy their eggs and then we destroy them!
Imagine a female goose sitting on eggs that will never hatch, while her gander stands in vigilant watch.
When finally realizing the failure and unviability of their attempted offspring, the mated and then flightless pair of geese will themselves be rounded up and transported to their deaths via human hands.  -- Something no gander, no matter how courageous and determined to protect his mate, can defend against.
One is almost at loss of words to say about the continuing and expanding carnage -- like a runaway train hell bent on mayhem and destruction.
But, for sure it is the fact that the geese are flightless for six weeks during the summer (when molting) that makes them such easy prey and appealing scapegoat for those who erroneously believe they can buy and sell a perception of "safety" by killing lots of geese.
Although other birds, such as starlings and sea gulls are struck far more often by planes than geese, the other birds are capable of flying (and escape) year round.
God has apparently bequeathed on the geese, their special crosses to bear in both flightlessness and size.  One cannot help but wonder if this was to "tempt and test" human capacity to either pillage and plunder or overcome obstacles through creativity, inventiveness and moral resolve?
Certainly, it is "easy" to round up and kill those without fangs or claws to fight back and without use of wings to escape.
But, few in power seem to ask if this is the "right" thing to do?
If we believe in God and that He created all of nature, then are we not failing His "tests and trials" by beating up on the defenseless while at the same time, claiming noble purpose?
Along with everything else, Gillibrand's bill and these kinds of actions are cowardly and bullying as they prey upon the truly helpless and meek.
Moreover, such actions are bewildering when especially considering all else that humans are capable of achieving and developing in this technically advanced age.
From building majestic cities, to the development of remedies for disease to the creation of gadgets that do everything from washing dishes to taking us on flights across the universe, we are a highly creative, inventive species capable of extremely complex problem solving.
And yet, we cannot figure how to glide a plane across the skies without crashing into a flock of birds?
Perhaps the will simply isn't there to solve this as it is easier and tempting to kill birds and specifically blame and scapegoat geese for our failings, inertia and laziness?
"Where there's a will, there's a way," goes the old adage -- and that's generally true in almost all human pursuits -- except this one.
Apparently, we don't bother to pursue real "safety" creativity when the perception of it is easily achieved through arrogance, bullying, abuse of power, propaganda and carnage.
Jesus is quoted in the bible as saying, "The meek shall inherit the earth."
If that be the case, then all our mad pursuits, persecutions and massacres of geese might ultimately be for naught as it will be they who end up with a peaceful planet and not us.
But, first there are the crosses to bear.  -- PCA

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