Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Intolerance Run Amuck (Appreciate the Geese, Swans and Ducks While We Still Have Them)

(Photos: 1-- Brad, Piggly and Wiggly, the three domestic, flightless ducks yesterday at Harlem Meer. Holding down their territory and keeping other birds at bay. 2-- One of two pairs of geese at Harlem Meer yesterday.  Geese and duck numbers low at Central Park these days. Perhaps the birds are getting the word that New York City parks are dangerous places in late spring and early summer.)  
No sooner than writing about Michigan's seemingly senseless war on geese yesterday, then there is this piece today from the same state:
One is at loss at what to say other than, "First the geese and now the swans."
Last night, I watched part of a series on Animal Planet entitled, "Wild Russia."
It is noteworthy (and shocking) when experiencing this extraordinary and beautifully photographed series to realize how many animal species have been driven to near extinction in almost every part of the globe -- and now only exist in the far and deepest reaches of wild Russia.
One cannot help but wonder if (at the rate we are going), geese and mute swans will one day have to join other disappearing species in this harsh and remote land in the battle to survive an increasingly human hostile world?
In case some wonder how and why so many animal species descend to these desperate points of survival, we only have to look at what's happening around us now. Specifically, the intolerance towards and vilification of any wildlife that happens to "get in our way" or inconvenience us.
That is why I am so grateful for every day that I see my "special geese or ducks" are still surviving in Central Park.  
One learns in this intolerant climate, never to take anything for granted.  -- PCA

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