Monday, April 9, 2012

Slaughters of the Geese -- A Sordid and Mostly Hidden History

Slight departure from the usual today.
As we will soon be approaching the "season of the witch" (i.e. goose roundups and slaughters throughout New York City parks and properties during the early summer),  it is imperative to remind ourselves of the history of this issue and where we are today.
The piece below, prepared brilliantly and accurately by David Karopkin of Goosewatch, NYC carefully and methodically chronicles this.
Please take the time to thoroughly read, take notes and most importantly, sign up to become part of the growing eyes and ears looking out for and protecting New York City's maligned and forever threatened Canada geese.
We simply cannot blindly accept another season of under the radar, hidden bird slaughters throughout NYC without so much as one photograph to document the irrational horrors.
New Yorkers have to show that we are not "out to lunch" or wallowing in tides of indifference and helplessness to the decimation and destruction happening around us.   -- PCA

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