Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heaven Under Assault in New York City (Beautiful Geese and Ugly Political Opportunists)

The highlights of my days are daily visits to Central Park. It does not matter the season, time of day (or night) or weather.
The sounds and sights of birds, squirrels, the occasional raccoon at night, the comical and feisty ducks and of course,  my forever beautiful, peaceful and majestic geese. All of it, beautiful, melodic music and healing to the soul.
A few days ago, when enjoying Mama and Papa goose at the Boat Lake and taking in the other wondrous sights around me, I could not help but think, "If there really is a heaven, it is surely this!"
But, over the past few days, the usual recordings in this blog about the changes, beauties and behaviors of the geese and ducks in Central Park has been usurped by very disturbing political happenings.
Specifically, the proposed "bill" by Senator Gillibrand (D) New York, calling for "expedited removals" of Canada geese around New York City this summer -- including the one wildlife refuge in New York City, (Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge) where many hundreds of birds make their last stand.
Although the National Park Service has tried for years to forestall a USDA roundup of geese in the refuge, it is now being subjugated and overpowered by one ruthless, ill informed and ambitious Senator.
The following AP video which is posted on the Washington Post web site (and presumably many other news sites around the country) is an utter embarrassment to the citizens of New York.  (Please comment to this horrendous piece.)
People around the country must be wondering what kind of dim wit and political opportunist did we elect to one of the highest offices in the land?
Not only does Senator Gillibrand murder the English language when saying "The geese can be handled in a very humanely way"  but more importantly, her tendency to use numerous euphemisms to cloak what is really a proposed massacre leads one to question this woman's honesty, judgment, integrity and ethics.
Gillibrand obviously knows little of the issue and virtually nothing about "resident" Canada geese who actually fly very little compared to other birds more frequently hit by planes.
But, someone must have informed Gillibrand that geese are an "easy target" in the summer when flightless and besides, most people "don't care" about them.  
This was a cheap and easy opportunity (at the expense of "lowly" geese) for political grandstanding and "cashing in" at the polls in November by pretending to "care about public safety."
But, as previously noted, if Gillibrand really "cared" about public safety on airliners, she would be tackling the really difficult issues of bird detecting radar, pilot fatigue, mechanical deficiencies of many airliners and the fact that most of the airliners are more than 30 years old.
But, "removing hazardous birds" is a good sound bite and plays into some people's fears from an old Hitchcock horror film.
Talk about emotional manipulation at its very worst.
As a New Yorker I am deeply ashamed and appalled by this media onslaught by a calculating, ambitious Senator.  But, even more so, I am ashamed as a woman.
To listen to another woman refer to goose roundups, gassings and slaughters as "Tools" for the airline industry is a new emotional low for me personally. Moreover, use of the term, "humanely" when referring to brutality and carnage insults the intelligence and sensitivities of constituents whether man, woman, Republican or Democrat.  
So much for the so-called, "gentle sex." 
And now to run to Central Park to enjoy my beautiful and truly gentle Canada geese while still blessed with the opportunity to do so.
"Heaven" is under assault in New York City.   -- PCA

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