Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dog Days of Winter

"All's well that ends well."

Our Pomeranian mix, Foxy is a wonderful little dog. If we had to wait another 6 months, I knew he would eventually find an equally wonderful home. Perhaps it was a matter of simply waiting out the storms.

But, no sooner had I said to Foxy's foster person that the rejection of Foxy by Carla and her husband was loss to them and not us. No sooner had I written that animals have to wanted and appreciated for who they are (rather than their appeal to some people's neurosis or hang-ups) we finally received the inquiry on Foxy that I think we have been waiting and hoping for.

An inquiry that I believe tonight will result in the happy and successful placement that this little dog so deserves.

Ilene from New Jersey called yesterday. She and her husband are long time Keeshund owners. They have always had two dogs, but some time ago, there 13-year-old Keeshund passed and the surviving 8-year-old dog, Keesha "seems lonely" according to Ilene. It was time to adopt a second dog. Ilene has always liked Pomeranians and when seeing Foxy's writeup and pictures on a rescue site yesterday immediately called.

Ilene didn't call with a laundry list of demands, expectations and questions of future predictions and guarantees.

Rather she called with the desire of being able to rescue a dog; the only request being that Foxy is able to get along with another dog.

Well, Foxy likes other dogs so that should not be an issue.

I liked Ilene and got a very good feeling from her. She and her husband have excellent vet and grooming references and Fiorouzeh, Foxy's foster person seemed to like Ilene as well.

I think only a meteorite suddenly hitting earth would stand in the way of this adoption.

I am hopeful this adoption goes through tonight, as I truly need our few fosters for other dogs we have currently languishing in boarding. -- The fact is, we are not able to rescue new dogs right now because of having too many in boarding.

Yesterday, I spoke with another rescuer who lamented the difficulty right now in finding reliable fosters and good adopters. "M" like us, has a number of dogs in boarding.

"I guess its the economy," M said. "I am having such a hard time finding the homes even though we are advertising all over the place!"

"Well, a bad economy certainly doesn't help," I replied. "But, more than that, I think its the deceptions and misrepresentations that have helped to create this mess. Most people don't realize the numbers of animals dying and the numbers of animals in need. They have been wrongly led to conclude that all the problems have been solved. Every homeless animal gets rescued. Every sick animal gets treated. And every shelter or rescued pet gets immediately adopted. Even Michael Vick's dogs have been saved! -- End of story. The people don't step up to help, because they think we don't need the help. All has been solved. We are all living in Disneyworld -- including the animals."

M just shook her head.

Whatever the "reasons," there is no doubt the present situation as described yesterday is tough. Even the weather has taken a downturn insofar as dog placements. After all, who wants to walk a dog when the temperature is plunging to single digits?

But for one hopefully fortunate dog, Foxy, on a bitterly cold, grey day in New York City there is finally some warmth and sunshine to be found.

Now, that we can only find that for all the others! -- PCA


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