Monday, January 26, 2009

A Little Truth in Everything......

"Poochie is a 4-year-old, beautiful and very sweet Chow who was abandoned at the city shelter when former owners claimed "no time" for her. According to her previous people, Poochie was a "gift" 8 months ago. Poochie is housebroken and "loves men, women, kids and other dogs." Poochie is only 37 lbs and walks very nicely on the leash. Perhaps Poochie's story proves a good example of why animals should never be given out as "gifts."
Not everyone is prepared for the time and responsibility that a pet requires. Giving others a cat or dog as a "gift" is giving someone a JOB. -- Sadly, in many cases a "job" the people don't want and aren't equipped for. In any event, our "job" now is to find Poochie a person or family who truly want and are happily prepared for the joy and responsibility of having a loving dog. If interested in Poochie, please CALL us (NOT email). She is currently being boarded at a kennel and we would love to get this little sweetie into a real foster or adoptive home as soon as possible. (212) 427-8273. "

The above is the write-up I just put on adoption sites regarding "Poochie," the Chow pictured on the left and who I received a call about yesterday from the shelter.

I of course, have no business taking any more dogs now as we still have 4 in boarding and no available foster homes.

But, I am hoping Poochie's pretty looks and reportedly sweet temperament will be enough to find her, if not a quick adoption, at least a new foster.

Am I being overly optimistic? Am I looking at the world through rose colored glasses?


But, constantly looking at the dark side of matters or feeling hopeless is not a good thing either.

It is tough sometimes to find the middle ground (or, what probably is the true "reality") between the ridiculously "Pollyanna" and Disneyworld optimism of "no kill" promises by such and such a year and the equally absurd doom and gloom pessimism of utter hopelessness ("things will never change").

I am constantly struggling with that in-between line and in fact am currently involved in a debate about it with other Animal Protection activists on a private email list.

Some people see me as too "critical" and doom and gloom.

Others agree with me.

My personal motto (one which I made up) is that, "There is a little truth in everything and the whole truth in nothing."


It is that constant search for truth in the primary colors that finally leads to all the colors of the universe or in essence, true reality as a whole.

Between the stark and absolutes of black and white are all the shades of gray, in addition to the palates and rainbows that make up the world around us according to those truths we are actually able to perceive. -- PCA

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