Saturday, January 10, 2009

Movin' With the Times

(Picture Left: Chiva --Sweet dog who almost followed her owner's misfortunes. But, for her, changing times to be good times.)

I pulled a new dog off the Euth list yesterday.

"Chiva" is neither a puppy, a purebred, a small dog or a drop dead, ravishing beauty.

Moreover, she is a black Pitbull mix and black dogs, especially Pittie mixes tend to be very tough adoptions.

But, you know what?

Nothing is "normal" these days.

We still have Foxy, the sweet and devoted little red Pomeranian mix rescued more than three months ago.

Meanwhile, several of our larger and older "mutts" have recently been adopted.

Go figure.

I pulled Chiva because she was described as a nice and mellow dog by shelter volunteers and she has a pretty good behavioral eval. She is 5-years-old and appears to be healthy.

Chiva was dropped off at the shelter by someone who claimed Chiva's owner had recently died.

Animals whose owners have either become sick or died tend to win my sympathy because I think, "There but for the grace of God go my animals." Were something to happen to me, I would hope that my dogs and cats would find safe haven. I therefore feel greater obligation to try and help those animals whose owners have fallen on some kind misfortune out of their control.

Chance, my Pomeranian, for example, was dumped off at the shelter by relatives who claimed Chance's real owner was in the hospital.

It's too bad we can't reassure the former owners of some of these animals that their pets are OK and have found loving homes. I sometimes wish I could have done that for whoever formally owned Chance. -- I think he was a very loved (if not somewhat spoiled) dog.

For now, Chiva will go into boarding later today.

But, I am reasonably optimistic about getting a foster or potential adopter for her relatively soon.

As said, nothing is "normal" these days. What was once down is now up and what was formally up now seems to be crashing.

"The slow one now will later be fast /
As the present now will later be past

Yep. As Dylan once sang,

"The times, they are a changing."

And we gotta adapt and move with 'em. -- PCA


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