Friday, April 10, 2009

Restaurants and Harlequin Novels

(Picture Left: "Sport" -- Rescued early last week after arriving at the shelter with an imbedded collar in his neck. The collar was less than an inch from cutting into Sport's juggler vein. Sport is a loving and forgiving puppy -- happy to get attention. But, despite being advertised on numerous adoption sites, the loving, youthful Lab mix is still sitting in a cage at our vet. The collar has since been removed, but no home seemingly awaits......)

I am telling myself that the seeming death of adoption inquiries over the past week or two is due to the Passover and Easter holidays occurring this week.

But, of course I don't know that.

People generally don't travel during these times.

Yesterday, I spoke with a vet tech who does some cat rescues on her own and then tries to find homes for the animals.

She told me she hasn't had a cat adoption inquiry in months.

I am reading every day about animal shelters closing and other shelters and rescues that are in trouble.

Our animal control shelters in New York City seem to be experiencing a huge increase in animals coming in due to evictions of owners or claims from people that they can no longer afford the costs of pet food and veterinary care for their cats or dogs.

Matters are appearing very grim right now.

We have done a number of new dog rescues over the past few weeks. I was lucky to find adopters for two of the dogs and a foster for one.

But, we presently have 8 dogs in boarding, most of whom have been boarding for a while.

That is scary.

Sometimes the thought occurs to me, "What if these animals never get adopted?"

A rescue group or shelter can easily go bankrupt if unable to successfully move animals in their care. At the very least, (if "no kill") they cannot take new animals in.

Sooner or later the money runs out to pay boarding or sheltering expenses.

Then, what?

I don't like to think (or write) about these things too much. --- One reason why I haven't been writing too much lately in this journal.

I am worried and nervous about everything going on around me. But, dwelling on matters one doesn't have a whole lot control over is probably not productive.

Lately, I've been thinking about painting my apartment and other kinds of trivial matters.

I read today that many people are still going to restaurants and Harlequin romance novels are outselling all other books in stores.

It seems some businesses flourish during hard economic times.

That's because many people (including myself, I think) seek some form of "escapism" during otherwise despairing times.

I guess that helps explain why musicals were so popular in the movie world during the Great Depression.

But, one thing that doesn't seem to flourish during these times is people running out to adopt animals and take on new responsibilities.

For all the new animals losing their homes due to some hardships to their owners, that is not good news.

And for rescue groups and shelters who find they cannot place the animals they have taken responsibility for, it's downright scary.

I might just start reading Harlequin romance novels. -- PCA

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