Saturday, April 11, 2009

Silent Prayers (you don't even know you're saying!)

(Picture Left: "Sporty"-- on his way to his new home!)

The only thing predictable about animal rescue and placement is that it is totally unpredictable.

There are those days you get 20 calls and not one turn into a placement for a cat or dog.

Then there are those days you get only one call -- but it translates into a placement for an animal!

That is what occurred yesterday.

I had just about given up that I was going to find someone for Sporty before it was time to pick the black Lab/Chow mix up from my vet and send him to a boarding kennel.

I hated particularly the idea of having to send a dog who was a victim of cruelty and neglect (imbedded collar) to a situation of possible long-term boarding.

Such animals have already gone through so much crap. Why should we have to subject them to even more stress and isolation?

The thought was gnawing on me for days.

But, on Thursday I received the call from my vet's office that Sporty was healthy and "ready to go" and that I should pick him up on Friday.

I tried to delay picking up Sporty and sending him to boarding as long as possible.

But, as the hours ticked on with no phone calls coming in, it seemed I was simply putting off the inevitable.

Then, around 3PM, a pleasant woman called inquiring about Dutch for adoption.

Dutch is a very young Dutch Shepherd mix who I have had in boarding (and training) for a couple of months. Dutch is a very good, but somewhat nervous dog. He needs a very dog experienced adopter.

When the woman named, Dominique told me she had a family that consisted of two young boys (13 and 11-years-old) I told her that I didn't think Dutch, (due to his nervousness and fear issues) would be appropriate for a family with kids. I then recommended Sporty to her.

To my surprise, Dominique was interested in Sporty and was very sympathetic to his story.

A couple of hours later, Dominique arrived with her family in an SUV and we all went to meet Sporty at my vet's office.

The dog immediately took to the family and they to him. It was like one of those "success stories" one sees on the Animal Cops shows on Animal Planet.

I didn't have to pressure or beg or explain. Sporty "sold himself" so to speak. He licked the kids and the Mother. He was great with other people and dogs on the street. He walked nicely on the leash. He jumped into the car and settled down on the lap of one of the young boys.

It was like one of those matches made in heaven.

Dominique (who is separated from her husband) has initially taken Sporty as a foster.

But, I would be very surprised if this foster doesn't in fact, turn into an adoption.

As they drove away with the happy dog, I had a very good feeling about the placement.

I could be wrong of course. But, on actual placements, I am rarely surprised.

The problem is finding them.

The only thing predictable about animal rescues and placements is their unpredictability.

I never would have "predicted" yesterday that instead of going to a boarding kennel, Sporty would be on his way to a new home.

It seemed the farthest of possibilities, but at the last moment, occurred.

Never say "never" if you are in animal rescue and placement.

Sometimes it seems those silent prayers you don't even know you are saying, get answered. -- PCA


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