Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Imagine Not Having to Provide "Perfect Candidates" (Reply) - New York City

(Picture Left: "Snow." "Perfect Candidate?" Who knows? Just a sweet dog several of us are trying to save. One of 29 on today's shelter "Euth list.")

Crazy Runner Writes: But I do understand when you don't feel like writing. I've stopped writing as much in my blogs because I don't have much to say right now.

Reply: I know what exactly you mean. Certainly one doesn't want to get into a pattern of writing the same old things or simply venting frustrations.

A journal can get very old and very tired under those circumstances.

The reason I haven't been writing prolifically is due mainly to running into the "same ol, same ols" everyday.

The inevitable, "I'm moving and can't take my cat or dog" or, "I just found a stray...how do I bring him to you?" or "I have an animal I want to donate to you."

Unfortunately, those are the majority of our calls these days.

Or, worse:

"These are my requirements for a dog. The right candidate should be...." (followed by a very long list.)

The woman seeking the "perfect candidate" should be seeking to adopt a politician, rather than a dog. I don't like adopting out dogs with "jobs" to do, complete with political promises of eternal bliss.

This morning on "The Today Show" they profiled a woman running a horse rescue in the Hamptons. She has saved many horses from the slaughterhouse, but laments all those she can't rescue due to lack of space and resources. (Wow, doesn't that sound all too familiar?)

After a while, we in rescue (whether of horses, dogs, cats or other animals) all start to sound the same, don't we?

We can never, as stated so many times here, catch up to the needs. ("Chasing the Devil's Herd across these endless skies.")

Still, there was one nice note in the report:

A woman who adopted one of the rescued horses stated:

"I wasn't looking for the pretty horse......I was looking for the horse who needed me."

Now, why can't I hear that from the people calling us seeking "perfect candidates?"

What I would not give to simply hear:

"I am looking to save/help a dog who needs me."

Imagine all the animals we truly could save if only hearing those simple words by people who actually mean them? -- PCA

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