Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Mirror" to What the Soul is Feeling and Experiencing (Reply)

(It was the eyes of Bruno, more than anything else that "got" to and moved me to pull him from the shelter euthanasia list. Just an ordinary "mutt" -- so much like most who die in our shelters. But, the eyes belong to one with a soul.)

SKDean53 Writes: I love the "before and after" photos of Bruno, the first taken in the shelter when he was on the euth list and obviously terrified, and the second taken on the happy day of his liberation. He looks like a completely different dog! Very touching.

Reply: Thank you for noticing.

Anyone who claims that animals don't experience fear, confusion, depression, disorientation and sometimes even panic when abandoned to a shelter simply has not opened their eyes.

Of course, the truly wonderful thing about photographs is that they so often capture what the human eye does not.

As you perceptively note, the two pictures of Bruno are probably a good example of that.

Someone once said that, "The eyes are the mirror to the soul."

But, more accurately, I believe that the eyes are mirror to what the soul is experiencing and feeling at any particular moment in time.

Still photographs, more than anything else, capture those feeting glimpses to the soul.

And that applies to animals, as it does to humans.

When noting particularly, the expression in Bruno's eyes in the first picture and then comparing that to the happiness and joy captured in the second picture, I beleive one can deduce that animals, like humans, have souls. -- PCA

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