Friday, June 19, 2009

New Technical Horizons (for the Old, Stubborn and Crotchety)?

(Picture left: "Chance" (AKA, "Puppy Boy"). Soon-to-be video star? Not unless this (in reality) old boy's ol' lady can figure out how to speed things up!)

"Desperate means calls for desperate measures" as they say.

Due to the drop in animal adoption inquiries to just about zero in recent days, I have thought that perhaps posting pictures and descriptions of animals, isn't enough.

Perhaps it was time to venture into the world of videos?

So, I broke down and purchased a small video camera the other day for the main purpose of shooting and posting videos of the animals we have for adoption. While I haven't done that yet, I have to admit to having fun with this thing.

The first experimental videos shot were of course, of my dogs, Tina and Chance at home.

I then took the doggies to Central Park and shot some more videos there.

Later, when walking one of our boarded dogs, (Coco) I took some video of her, too.

It has been a great adventure to shoot video and then view at home on TV and even the computer. The addition of sound and movement is just like being back in the moment!

For example, one doesn't necessarily notice the sounds of birds when in the park with all the other distractions. But, when playing back and listening to the videos, well, there it is -- just like beautiful music that one might have intentionally added to the moving pictures!

Unfortunately, being the technical idiot I really am, figuring out the downloading of videos to the Internet (or, emailing them) hasn't been quite so easy or as much "fun."

I just opened an account on "YouTube" and downloaded the very first video I took of Chance, (my Pomeranian), but it seemed to take forever!

Though only about 25 seconds, the video took about 15 minutes to download and upload!

So, how do millions of people down and upload videos that are both high tech and sometimes minutes long?

What the hell is wrong with ME?

Ah, what one wouldn't give to have some teenage boy helping out, right now, an old broad.

I see there is means to upload videos to the blog.

And while I have at least half a dozen, pretty nice videos right now, I don't have a clue as to how to upload then here without taking half the day.

So, for now, back to the "stone age" of just a regular photograph.

What can one after all, expect from a stubborn, "technically challenged" old lady who is still on "dial up?" -- PCA

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