Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Right Thing for the Right Reasons (Reply)

(Picture Left: A very happy Bruno, just before leaving for his new foster home yesterday.)

SKDean53 Writes: It seems to be the two extremes that are most likely to be adopted--the "perfect" (the young, housebroken,trained,groomed pets) or the "rejects" (those with disabilities, amputations, blindness, and the like). I guess no one wants the average dumped pets unless they are exceptional in one way or another.

Reply: You are exactly right. Unfortunately, it is mostly the "in betweens" (or the simply nice and reasonably healthy, mongrel dogs and cats) who comprise the majority of animals coming into and unfortunately, dying in our animal shelters.

But, few people call seeking a "simply nice" mixed breed dog or cat to adopt.

Rather, most people call with actual agendas, as well as demanding guarantees and the ability to peer into crystal balls: "The dog has to be good with this and that." "How will the dog be when my 2-year-old niece visits?" "How will the dog be as a therapy dog?"

One could go on and on, but hopefully the point is made.

And yet, once in a great while, we actually encounter people who ARE simply seeking a nice dog to adopt!

Like yesterday, for example:

A very sweet, young Manhattan couple came to visit Bruno at the boarding facility I sent him to and low and behold, they took Bruno home as a trial adoption!

It is extremely rare that we have luck like that these days.

But, I don't know if it was "luck" so much as the fact Bruno really "sold himself" so to speak to the people. He truly is a terrific dog. Cheerful, happy disposition (amazing, considering he was on the shelter kill list the day before.) Bruno is easy to walk, friendly around other dogs (and people) and just a real pleasant dog to be around.

I am not normally a corny "optimist" (its impossible to be in this line of work), but I feel quite optimistic that this (foster) will turn into a permanent adoption.


Simply because the people did the right thing for the right reasons.

In those (rare) cases where expectations and demands are tempered and the willingness to be open is prioritized, the animal placements almost always turn permanent. ;) -- PCA


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amby111 said...

I love the "before and after" photos of Bruno, the first taken in the shelter when he was on the euth list and obviously terrified, and the second taken on the happy day of his liberation. He looks like a completely different dog! Very touching.