Monday, June 22, 2009

"They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" (Reply) -- New York City

Anonymous Writes: The horses receive rotation turnout several times a year on farms in both Upstate NY and PA.

Reply: Look, don't lump me in with those calling for a total "ban" on the carriage horses in New York. (I don't want to see the horses go the route of so many race and "pet" horses -- to the slaughterhouse.)

But, you have to admit there have been problems over the years, with several horses dying in collisions with midtown traffic (sometimes causing injury or trauma to humans). Additionally, I personally saw one of the stables where the horses are kept and it was archaic and disgusting (perhaps built in the 1800's) and potentially dangerous to those horses having to walk up or down a slippery ramp.

One would think New York City could do better by one of its star "tourist attractions?"

I don't understand why a section in Central Park cannot be designated for these magnicant animals, so they would not have to navigate the noise and crowding of midtown traffic or deal with all the stresses on 59Th Street and CPW -- from venders, to street performers to blaring sirens and buses.

Horses, are after all, farm animals, not city rats.

New, modern stables should be built for the horses (IN THE PARK) and perhaps an area could be set aside for children to pet or learn about horses. Carriage rides would start and end in the park.

This is an issue where I believe compromise could be accomplished that would benefit both people and the animals.

But, as long as both sides want to name-call and disparage the other, then ultimately everbody loses, most of all, the horses. -- PCA


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Anonymous said...

You do not know what you are talking about. Horse stables in Central Park with turnout would take at least 1/4 of the park. Do your homework. Besides, it is a landmark.