Friday, May 20, 2011

June -- The Deadliest Month (Unless.....)

This has been an eventful week.
A "Goosewatch" has been formed for Prospect Park (organized from numerous community members) to monitor and install video surveillance of the park.  This is to insure that if the USDA shows up in the middle of the night next month to round up and gas the geese, the people will immediately know and be able to respond.
The Brooklyn Paper covered the story well:
Also published in local papers (Prospect Park Patch) this week is this very fine blog essay from Johanna Clearfield:
Please take the time to read these important pieces and comment.  Reader response is crucial insofar as determining future coverage of the issue.
We will soon be coming up on June -- without a doubt, the deadliest month of the entire year for the Canada geese seeking safety in our public parks while they molt their feathers and/or attempt to raise young.
Because they cannot fly while molting, this is the time when the geese are vulnerable to roundups and gassings at the hands of the USDA in concert with city government.
Ms. Clearfield cites at the end of her article the things that animal advocates MUST do if we are to have any hope of saving geese from future slaughters.
The city contract with the USDA runs until the end of this June.
It then comes up for possible renewal.
Unless our Mayor and city officials and representatives are flooded with calls and emails to end the goose gassing contract with the USDA, then the geese of New York City are destined to go the way of the passenger pigeon, (i.e. extinction) at least within the five boroughs.
Simply put, between the gassings, harassment and destruction of eggs, even the intelligent, wary and adaptable geese cannot survive.
Already their numbers are pitifully low and almost alarming in our city parks.
Please take the time to immediately join our Facebook pages if you haven't done so already to keep up with latest articles and information:
And please take the time to make the calls (especially to 311) and write the comments and letters.
June -- the deadliest month of the entire year is less than two weeks away;  the hour glass counting down literally on the lives of potentially thousands of innocent and vulnerable geese in New York City.
Please be a voice for those who can neither defend themselves nor even fly during this particularly treacherous and ominous time. 
Indeed, the time is now to stand up and be counted, less there be no geese to count in the future of our great city.  -- PCA

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