Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"We Will Not Be Broken!"

Photo -- One of the new baby goslings at Prospect Park.  Photo taken by Peter Colin.)
You can shoot at us with your guns and arrows. You can round up our families and gas them.  You can chase, torment and harass us from every corner of the globe. You can TRY to destroy our eggs.  But, you will never, ever BREAK US!"
That is the geese's message to us.
Two days ago, it was Mother's Day.
And apparently on that same day, there is a new mother at Prospect Park!:
New life in an area that less than a year ago, was the scene of an inexcuable massacre of wildlife -- the roundups and gassings of 368 Canada geese and their baby goslings from Prospect Park.
Numerous park goers and several goose advocates have recently discovered the new family of geese at Prospect Park: The proud mama and papa geese and their four newly hatched goslings!
They have courageously and steadfastly defied all the odds -- including having their eggs oiled a few weeks ago.
Some might ask, "How could this happen in a park that recently took measures both to harass geese and oil their eggs?"
That is a good question to which we don't have a clear answer yet.
According to The Brooklyn Paper report, the new parent geese are the same geese whose eggs were shown being oiled in the recent egg addling video!  The gander tried valiantly to defend the nest -- for which he was laughed at.
But, whose got the last laugh now?
(If it is true that these are the same geese in that video, then it means that proper protocols were not followed before oiling the eggs --i.e. dropping eggs in water to test viability of embryos.  If viable, the eggs are NOT to be addled!)
As written endlessly in this blog, the so-called "good intentions" of goose "harassment" and egg oiling have been totally abused to include tormenting and harassing geese even where their numbers have been severely decimated, (as well as destroying their eggs and thus their abilities to compensate for the harassment and predation).
It is not at all unlike our so-called "euthanasia" of cats and dogs.
Euthanasia is supposed to mean humanely ending the life of one who is suffering terminal illness or injury.  Literally, it means, "good death" and is supposed to be done for reasons of mercy.
But, instead, "euthanasia" as it is primarily performed in animal shelters today is killing for convenience.  It is mostly killing dogs and cats because their caregivers have "moved," "had a baby" divorced, gotten sick or moved in with an "allergic" roommate or romantic partner.
There is nothing "merciful" or "good" about it.
Well, it is the same thing with most goose "euthanasia,"  "harassment" and egg destruction programs as they are practiced today. (In fact, to use the term, "euthanasia" to ever refer to goose gassings is a total bastardization of the word.)
Most of these actions are not being conducted out of necessity, as much as convenience.
Some people don't like getting bird droppings on their Minnolo Bloniks.
I have suggested to the goose advocates living around Prospect Park that they need to be constantly on top of this new goose family in terms of documenting everything happening to them.  -- Photos, videos and hopefully a blog.
I am personally worried that the oiling done on these goslings while they were still in the eggs might have had some negative effect on their health and development.
Hopefully not, but we don't know.  Already two of them have died from the original six goslings hatched.
I am particularly worried if any of the babies might develop "Angel's Wings" -- but of course, that would be blamed on any people who might have fed the geese bread.
I am getting to the point where I don't believe most of the crap said by so-called "experts," media or wildlife biologists anymore.
I believe rather, we need to observe and document everything for ourselves.
Meanwhile, the geesies are having still one more laugh on us.
"Did the ones who can only fly in their steel contraptions and can barely swim without an inner tube really think they could outwit us in the end?"

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