Friday, May 13, 2011

Love From The Rocks

(Photos -- Papa goose keeping watch over Mama on rocks of Turtle Pond.  Mama in area of former nest.  The two geese on rocks together.)
I think I am in love.
Unfortunately, the object of my affections already has a mate.
Now, before anyone starts accusing me of being a "home wrecker," please be advised that the partner of my beloved is very secure, liberal and understanding. 
She doesn't mind her fellow spending a few special moments with me.
The prince of my dreams might not be every woman's ideal.
He walks with a limp, has six grown kids, has no bank account and doesn't drive a Porsche.
But, it is precisely because of these things that I am in love with him.
The permanent limp I am sure, has been derived from loyally and bravely defending his mate.  He was an exemplary dad to the kids when they were growing up, never leaving them out of his protective sight for a moment.  And the lack of bank account or Porsche?
Well, my love doesn't need those things to be happy or get around because, well, quite frankly, he's got wings.
Okay.  My love interest isn't quite human.
In fact, he is a gander.
"Papa goose" from Turtle Pond, to be precise.
Now, Papa and his mate, Mama have put me through some paces of late.
When going to Turtle Pond in recent days, I never immediately see the two lovebirds either swimming on the water nor preening on the rocks near the little pier.
No, I have to go and search for them.   Usually to the top of Belvedere Castle.
At the top of the castle one can view of the entire pond, as well as the rocks lying directly under it.
That is where Mama and Papa usually are these days, including yesterday -- The same rock area where recently their nested eggs were destroyed.
It is as though the two geese are still grieving their unhatched offspring, as normally the Belvedere castle rocks are not their normal stomping grounds. These are, after all waterfowl that usually nest on the ground.
I breathed a sigh of relief when seeing Mama and Papa on the rocks yesterday, mama preening while Papa kept careful watch.
I then left the castle area to go to the small pier lying on the pond.  Not sure what I expected to see there.  Perhaps just say "hi" to the few mallards swimming on the water.
I could however, make out the two geese still on the rocks with the zoom feature on my camera.
Then, all of a sudden, I could hear honking and Papa goose was in the air flying to the pier!
Couldn't believe my ears or eyes and ran the video feature on my camera to insure I was not dreaming:
Papa landed expertly on the water like an accomplished water skier -- just a few feet below me.  He opened his mouth and honked a loud greeting.
"Hey, nice to see you. Where you been?"
Swooning with what I just witnessed and heard (but never expected) I think I immediately fell in love right there.
But, I did not wear my heart on my sleeve.
Instead, I just said, "Hi Daddy!" and tossed some cracked corn to the warmly greeting gander.
Papa didn't really seem that hungry, but he accepted my offers graciously. 
We exchanged sweet nothings for a couple of minutes.
Then, having been more than generous with her allotted time to us, Mama goose then left her spot on the castle rocks to come flying to be near her mate.  She landed a few feet from him and came swimming up to the pier as if to say to both of us, "OK, I am here now. My man comes back to me."
Papa then began to swim around Mama protectively, while I offered some cracked corn to her.  She gratefully accepted:
It was a few sweet moments and I am very appreciative of Mama's willingness to "share her man" so to speak with a silly blonde woman with a couple of dogs.
I may be "in love" but this is one love borrowed for a special moment in time, from the rocks.  --PCA

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