Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gentle Spirits

(Pictures: "Daisy" --beautiful and social duck of Turtle Pond. Daisy catches in her mouth, peanuts tossed to her. Close-up of one of Clementine's seven ducklings. "Joey," the white Peking duck at Harlem Meer. Joey is alone now, having recently lost his two female siblings. "Matilda" and her two ducklings at Harlem Meer. "Clementine" and her seven babies at Harlem Meer.)

Today, I have posted and urge everyone to read fully, Karen Dawn's special tribute to (and quotes from) Senator Robert Byrd.

As noted in Karen's brilliant piece, Senator Byrd was perhaps our Congress's most passionate, eloquent and outspoken advocate for animals.

His loss will be felt greatly.

Because the text of Karen's important eulogy is lengthy, I will take a pass from writing today and merely share, on this holiday weekend, some favorite photos of the past week or so of our beloved birds in Central Park.

May the spirit and inspiration of Senator Byrd watch over and protect them. -- PCA


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