Thursday, July 15, 2010

Killing (and now Defending) Mother Goose

(Picture Left: "Mother Goose" and family at Turtle Pond.)
Please take time to read the Editorial from yesterday's New York Post, (below) which truly says it all. A letter to the Editor ( ) is also a good idea, as well as letters to the NY Times, which gratefully, has also covered this issue well and was first to break the story: ( )

There is a reason geese are lovingly portrayed in childhood fables and nursery rhymes of "Mother Goose."

It is because of the gentle nature of these birds and their outstanding parenting and protection skills towards their young.

If Canada Geese have proliferated despite all of man's attempts to "eradicate," "remove," hunt, gas, harass and destroy, it is mostly due to the strong family ties of these birds, as well as their organizational, communicational and parental protection skills.

Indeed, these are qualities that one might think should be greatly admired, respected and even emulated.

Instead, Canada geese have been vilified for their devotion to their young and to each other. They are slaughtered for their abilities to survive and proliferate against great odds.

For shame on us as the truly inferior species to the magnificent geese in terms of human abuse and abandonment to children, high divorce rates, assorted "anxiety disorders," and domestic violence and murder.

Perhaps it is more envy and jealousy that compels us of to launch nationwide "eradication" campaigns against the regal and gregarious Canada Geese? Perhaps they remind us too much of our inadequacies?

After all, humans on our own, cannot fly.

And no fables or nursery rhymes are dedicated to "Mother Human." -- PCA


Please save the date for a vigil in the park on this coming Saturday July 17th at 6:30 p.m. by the lake on Prospect Park's Southwest Side near the Vanderbilt Playground and Gazebo. We will spend some time honoring the geese recently massacred by government officials with the park's permission. We will place xeroxes of the geese by the water, we're looking into getting 400 xeroxes, one for each goose killed. Please make copies if you can, and bring them. More info to come...

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