Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Canada Goose Killings - What Do We Tell Our Children? What Do We Tell Ourselves?

One has to wonder what the parents of children who've grown up admiring the geese of Prospect Park will answer when asked, "Mommy, what happened to the geese?"

Should they tell them, "The geese flew off to Disneyworld?" Or, should they voice the truth:

"Our government decided to round up and gas them all."

It is a hideous message when our city and federal officials communicate to us that we'd better not get too cozy or nature-loving with the wildlife in our parks less we show up one day to find all the animals gone.

Gone in clandestine, middle of the night, swoops from men with nets, cages and secret, hidden buildings where the screams of the victims cannot be heard by public or filmed by media as the poisoned gas infiltrates the victims' lungs and suffocates their lives away.

For shame on our Mayor, Brooklyn Parks Department, Federal officials and most of all, any human that would sit back and allow atrocity like this to occur with nary a protest. -- PCA


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