Saturday, July 17, 2010


Please attend the vigil being held tonight to memorialize and honor the 400 beloved Canada Geese ruthlessly and brutally slain last week.

The birds (and their goslings) were mercilessly rounded-up, feet-bound, stuffed 2 to 3 into small crates, transported to some "undisclosed building location" and crammed into gas chambers where it took each struggling bird at least five minutes to die.

That was NOT, repeat, NOT "removal and euthanasia." It was a mass massacre and the lifeless bodies of 400 (formerly) beautiful geese were dumped in some unspecified landfill to further contaminate our environment.

(One is forced to wonder where the "building" is in Brooklyn that serves as a avian gas chamber?)

Date: Saturday, July 17 (TODAY!)

Time: 6:30 PM. (Please try to bring 8x10 photo or xerox of Canada Goose)

Place: The south side of Lake at Prospect Park (near playground and Gazebo)

Please know that these atrocities are not only occuring in New York City parks, but in fact, all over the country under the watch and permission of our local, state and federal elected officials.

Be sure to call the offices of ALL of your elected officicals (especially our Mayor at 311) to express your protest. You can easily obtain their names and numbers from the League of Women Voters (212) 725-3541.

Also, please go to and join the special Facebook page set up to address and hopefully prevent this kind of carnage in the future.

We need to insure that this kind of affront and atrocity towards NYC wildlife never occurs again in our city parks and surrounding areas.

The animals in our parks belong to the people, not a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington DC, who for the most part, have probably never come closer to a Canada Goose then to blow them out of the sky. -- FOR SHAME! -- PCA

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