Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The True Superior Species? -- Reply

(Picture Left: The family of Canada Geese at Turtle Pond. Note the Mama Mallard and four duckings at top of photo. "Marina" (the mama duck) also keeps her ducklings near the geese family at night. Both families sleep within mere feet of each other. Apparently, the Mother duck appreciates and takes advantage of the sentry and protection qualties that the goose family provides.)

Amby111 writes: This is sick. And to think humans introduced the geese in the first place! The same thing just happened in our community in VA. Only publicized after the fact...people here are very angry about it.

Reply: Its really important to put that anger into some kind of constructive action in attempt to prevent the same thing happening next year.

Gather what information you can, research the facts about Canada Geese and then contact proper authorities. Try to find and network with others who are as distraught about this kind of undercover, insidious carnage as you are. Try to find any sympathetic reporters. If necessary (and it sounds like it is) try and organize protests.

Canada Geese are doomed if they do (migrate) and doomed if they don't.

We either accuse them of being murderers (by colliding with planes) or "pests" if they remain in a park or golf course.

But, as you note, we introduced geese to many of our areas in the first place -- mainly as targets for hunters' guns.

The fact Canada Geese have managed to endure and even thrive despite all our attempts to harass them (with dogs), shoot them, or round-up (when they are completely defenseless) and gas, is testament to their extraordinary parental, communicational, organizational and adaptational skills.

Indeed, the Canada Goose's greatest enemy is human.

We nurture and gain their trust, only to ultimately betray them.

Sad statement about our own species, but certainly a tribute to theirs. -- PCA


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