Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Prospect Park Great Goose Massacre of 2010

(Picture Left: Canada Goose family. Papa goose [with head up], Mother goose, in rear and goslings at Central Park)

The Prospect Park great goose massacre of 2010 was unique.

For one matter, there was no notification to the people of the community. Even Martin Lowney of the state dept. of Fish and Wildlife admits, "There was a breakdown in communications."

That the clandestine raid on the highly social, resident geese at Prospect Park was conducted in the wee hours of the morning when the park was closed to the public insured that there were no media or lay persons around to shoot photos or video. No "Youtube" moments to document this operation for what it truly was: An exercise in barbarity, cruelty and probable law-breaking -- including, federal law.

One needs to truly imagine this scene:

Entire families of geese which include forever-mated parent geese and their goslings. Geese who are more than accustomed to walking up to humans, as they have learned to trust people over the course of many months or even years. Geese who, while they are molting, are unable to fly and escape.

According to new reports, the geese were corralled into a confined space and their feet were bound with plastic ties.

Knowing how parents geese will protect and defend their young, this had to be a scene right out of a Stephen King horror novel.

What kind of thugs did the city and USDA hire to grab and bound the struggling birds' feet with plastic ties?

Though large, adult Canada Geese weigh only around 8 lbs. They are mostly feathers. Since they don't have fangs to bite, their only possible weapon to defend themselves were their feet. How many men did it require to grab and bound the birds feet?

After the binding, the geese were stuffed two to three to crates.

And that's the point where even the news reports become "murky."

Although it is now almost two weeks after the slaughter, we still don't know whether the doomed geese were taken to some "building" and gassed or were gassed on site by being shoved into special trucks.

This is totally unacceptable.

There is NO EVIDENCE.....repeat, NO EVIDENCE to suggest that there was anything at all "humane" about this roundup, binding and gassing with CO2 of almost 300 defenseless Canada Geese.

That numerous bureaucrats and defenders of this carnage are able to get away using the term, "euthanasia" to describe this mass extermination without challenge is a disgrace to the entire humane movement as well as the city of New York and its leaders.

It totally debases and renders meaningless, the term, "euthanasia."

These geese were not sick nor were they killed painlessly or humanely.

Gassing by CO2 is a horrible way to die. Make no mistake about that. It takes the individual animal at least five minutes to die this way.

Moreover, very young animals like kittens, puppies and presumably, goslings can survive gas chambers.

Who was doing the checking to be sure the geese were actually dead before being stuffed into garbage bags and being disposed of at some "undisclosed" landfill?

And if all of this wasn't horrific enough, add to it, the fact that according to the NY Times, Prospect Park is more than 9 miles from either airport.

Presuming that is true, then Prospect Park was out of the "7 mile radios" deemed by the city to represent "hazard" from possible bird strikes to planes.

There was therefore, seemingly no legal justification for the vicious round-up and slaughter of these innocent, gentle and supposedly "protected" migratory species of bird.

This wee hours of the morning massacre seems to scream for Freedom of Information requests and possible lawsuits. -- PCA


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L.A. Mahoney said...

It's not just Prospect Park, but here in Westchester County, suddenly all the geese have disappeared in a mass slaughter. It's a horror and a disgrace. Officials now want to expand the massacre to 17 states. I am sickened by my barbaric species. It's so sad to drive along park areas (where people don't even go) and by a pond in an unused part of a Westchester cemetary and it's dead, not one goose or gosling left.