Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Beautiful Little Puppy Boy's" Other Side (Reply)

(Pictures: 1 -- Foxy against fall leaves. 2 -- Chance demanding to know when the newcomer is leaving)
SKDean53 Writes: Glad you are making some progress with Foxy. As you well know, trust can take while a while to develop when a dog enters new surroundings and new relationships with people. Foxy probably was seldom (if ever) walked where he could meet new people and see new places. And being the outsider in a place where a "pack" is already in place is surely stressful to him. He would probably do well in a home as an only dog or with one who is very accepting. I do hope you find the right foster, or better yet, "forever" home for him soon. He looks like a very sweet animal who would be capable of bringing much joy and laughter into the right home.

Reply: There is good news of Foxy.

Sarah, one of our prime foster people has taken Foxy for a while.

Currently, Sarah has no other dogs as her roommate had requested "taking a break" from fostering for a while. But, we are hoping Foxy's charms and sweet nature can help win Sarah's roommate over.

You are totally correct in your assessment of Foxy. Yes, I believe he was seldom, if ever walked in his former home. Fly bites on the tips of his ears usually indicate a dog left primarily in a yard. And yet, Foxy was found with an old collar and torn bit of green leash on him. It's possible that he either broke away from the leash or someone deliberately cut it.

We of course, will never know about Foxy's past. We can only speculate and try to put pieces together.

The important thing for now is that Foxy is out of my home with a dominant dog pack to contend with. Although my Tina was reasonably nice towards Foxy, Chance was downright hostile, territorial, overly protective (he wouldn't allow Foxy to come near me) and jealous.

The last thing an insecure dog with confidence issues needs is to be around a rejecting "dog pack."

Already Foxy is happy and affectionate in his new foster home. The smile is coming back to his face.

I advised Sarah to take Foxy for long walks in the park.

Meanwhile, Chance is flat on his back, rolling around in my lap, like the sweetest little (20 lb) puppy in the world.

Just human and canine strangers beware, that "beautiful little puppy boy" indeed has a darker and feisty side. ;) --PCA

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