Saturday, November 1, 2008

For the "Undecided" (and Conflicted), Election Day Blues

The Presidential election is only 4 days away.

It seems from all the poles, that I will once again be voting for the losing side. -- I have been doing that since 2000.

Not that this election choice has been easy.-- It hasn't been easy at all.

I am a centrist democrat -- or, really an Independent now, as "moderate" in either party, seems an endangered species.

Following the (to me) hijacking of the 2000 election by George W. Bush and the Republicans, I swore I would never vote Republican again.

But, 8 years later and following what to me is probably the worse Presidency in our nation's history, I am doing just that.


Well, as said, this hasn't been an easy decision.

During this year's Democratic primaries, I questioned how any one could be "undecided" just days prior to an election primary. "Aren't these people paying attention?" I wondered.

But, since the defeat of Hillary Clinton (my then chosen candidate), I have in fact, waffled back and forth between things I liked and didn't like about Obama, as well as McCain.

Politically and on the issues, I am more with Barack Obama.

But, on character and history issues, I support McCain.

What's an "undecided" (or really, one in conflict) to do?

I admire the oratory of Barack Obama and find myself mostly agreeing with and being moved by his speeches.

I can't say the same about McCain.

But, I have to think McCain is a man of great will, devotion and strength of character.

I believe him when he says, "Country First" as McCain has the history to prove it.

How many soldiers, after all, come back from any war suffering from PTSD?

McCain spent 5 years in a Vietnam POW camp and refused to leave early even when he had the chance to.

How many others would not take advantage of political and family clout to "move ahead of the line" and leave a torturous situation?

That McCain was able to endure and return to the US after 5 years as a POW, pick up his life and go on to achieve both as a family man and US Senator is to be greatly admired and respected.

I don't like the way McCain, his wife, Cindy and his female running mate, Sarah Palin have been treated by the major media and left wing zealots in this country.

Most of the coverage has been downright unfair and at times, vicious.

After noting many of the egregious attacks against Hillary Clinton when she was running for President and even more scurrilous diatribes against Sarah Palin for VP, it would be amazing if any other woman would dare to run for high office again in this country any time soon.

So many rant about the "lack of experience and qualifications" of Sarah Palin to step into the role of President should the need arise.

But, what about the lack of experience and qualifications of Barack Obama who is actually running directly for President?

Why do these things not seem to matter for him?

I might feel differently had Obama had even one term in the US Senate under his belt (and some record of achievement) before running for President.

But, the "movement" that Obama is leading seems mostly to get him elected. He "inspires" others to go out and campaign for him.

I am not sure where Obama really wants to take this country.

It might be to political heaven or it might be to economic hell.

Barack Obama's "history" and past associations bother me.

I haven't been able to get past them and Barack Obama has failed to properly and honestly explain them.

I don't believe Obama when he claims he was "unaware" of his former preacher's radical, hateful views. Nor, do I believe Obama when he claims "unawareness" of radical associate, Bill Ayers' murderous, anarchist background.

If Obama lies about past friends and activities, why should we believe him on other matters?

I believe, finally that Obama if elected, will either be a great President or one of our very worst.

He is either a great leader or a great con man.

I believe, if elected, McCain will be a good President, but not necessarily a great one.

But, in a world facing so much peril and challenge, I would rather go for the merely "good" (and tried and true) than shoot for rainbows, only to find one is holding a hand full of empty air. -- PCA

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