Sunday, November 9, 2008

Striking Gold

(Picture left: "Ruffles," new name, new home, new life)

There is good news on the Chow who was dropped off at the Yonkers shelter when his owners moved to California.

After advertising "Ruffles" on adoption sites, I received one call on him.

Fortunately, it was a good call.

The mature married couple recently lost a their 14-year-old Chow to Diabetes and kidney disease. They were seeking another.

Today, I received an appreciative email from my contact at the Yonkers shelter saying the people came to meet Ruffles yesterday and will be adopting him. His new name will be "Rudy" -- more appropriate for a boy.

I am relieved about this. Since Ruffles was used to a house and yard and not familiar with walking on a leash, I figured he would have a hard time adjusting to a city apartment, as well as the noise, stress and crowds of Manhattan.

Moreover, I did not have an open foster home to send him to.

We didn't get many calls on Ruffles, but at least the one we got was gold. -- PCA

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