Friday, November 21, 2008


(Picture Left: "Toby" -- Wonderful and loving Chow/Retriever mix who lost his home when former owners moved. A woman named Marianne offered to foster Toby whose time was quickly running out in the shelter. Toby turned out to be such a sweet and well behaved dog, Marianne has decided to adopt him. "When people do the right thing, it almost always turns out right!" )

Cheri Block Writes: You are doing very important work. I don't see how you do though. I am such an animal lover that seeing cats and dogs without families would break my heart.

Reply: I didn't expect a thank-you note. You write an excellent blog and it doesn't surprise that you've had many positive responses to it.

Regarding your comment quoted above, anyone can help animals. It doesn't require a particular talent, calling or expertise.

It does require some awareness to the problems. That is what I see as the "job" of this journal. -- To help bring awareness to people.

At some point in your life, an animal will come your way who needs a helping hand.

Hopefully, when that occurs, you will be up for the challenge.

In the meantime, anything you can do in terms of helping others to become more aware or even making small changes in some of one's lifestyle choices (such as buying free range meats over factory farm produced or substituting good veggie alternatives when possible helps animals in significant ways.

Collectively, we all make a difference for better or worse.

Thanks for taking the time to write back. -- PCA

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