Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Expectations

I am glad election day is finally over.

For one matter, it took up too much of the news.

For another, the constant partisan snipes, swipes and bickering becomes tiring after a while and leads to cynicism and distrust in both, the political process and the actual candidates.

Finally, the country needs to get back to business -- especially the business of trying to fix a messed up economy and pay attention to what is happening on the world stage. Already, Russia seems to be seeking ways to "test" our new President-Elect.

Although the election results showed John McCain to be the "loser" last night, I believe the ultimate losers are going to be the comics, so many of whom, seemed to build careers railing against the current President, excoriating Hillary Clinton and bashing John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Will they feel free to go after Barack Obama with the same abandon and vitriol?

Perhaps because he was the new kid on the block or interracial or seemingly exotic, comedians and pundits for the most part, have handled Obama with soft, kid gloves during the course of the campaigns.

But, what will they do now -- or after Obama actually takes office?

One should not envy Barack Obama, despite all the present media glory and adulation.

He is actually in a difficult position.

Pander to the left wingers of his party (despite their zeal and commitment in electing him), and Obama and the Dems will be sure to go the same way as the Republicans have gone in the last two elections.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Obama should be grateful that the Dems didn't win a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate last night.

Checks and balance is a must in keeping our politicians (regardless of party) in line.

But, should Obama play matters pragmatically and cautiously and pull back on some of the elaborate promises of the campaigns and he is sure to "disappoint" or be tagged a "sell out" by many of his passionate supporters.

Glory and adulation tend to be short-lived in the political and media worlds.

Today's hero is tomorrow's bum.

There's always something better and more "exiting" around the next bend.

For the moment, Obama should bask in the sunlight of his new found glory -- the "honeymoon" so to speak.

After January 20th, much of it is sure to change.

Especially if the comics and pundits want to hold on to their jobs. -- PCA

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