Monday, November 17, 2008

"I Think I Could Learn to Like This!"

( Pictures Above: Left, People and dogs enjoying "off leash" hours in Central Park. Right, Foxy learning to like the new adventure.)
Chows must be gaining in some popularity these days. Perhaps some of my advocacy for the breed is paying off?

Although I contacted the shelter to pull Cogney, apparently another rescue is taking him.

That is good news as we are having such a struggle these days in adoptions.

It is quite shocking that we still have not had a good offer for Foxy, the delightful little Pomeranian mix rescued more than two weeks ago.

I am fostering Foxy, but matters haven't been all sunshine and roses.

It seems, Chance, my personal Pomeranian, is not accepting of Foxy and has attacked the nervous little dog numerous times.

Yesterday, Foxy finally stood up for himself -- at least a little. (He was previously running away from Chance.) I am nervous now that one or even both dogs might get hurt. Breaking up dog fights is not a particular talent or desire of mine.

I really hope to find either a foster or adoptive home for Foxy soon.

Perhaps there is some truth to the old saying, "Two's company, but three's a crowd."

"Three" is definitely a crowd in my place. I have to walk Foxy separate from my other two dogs, Tina and Chance.

Tina and Chance are a couple. But, poor Foxy is the odd dog out.

Yesterday morning, after returning from Central Park with Tina and Chance, I took Foxy to the park. It was before 9AM when dog owners are allowed to let dogs off leash.

I didn't dare to let Foxy off leash, as he is still so skittish and scared -- at least when first going to the park.

His tail tucked beneath his legs and that "deer in the headlights" look on Foxy's face still reveal a dog for whom going to the park is an entirely new and somewhat frightening experience.

But, after a while, despite himself, Foxy begins to relax a little, his tail comes up and a smile struggles to find its way to his face. He shyly goes up and greets other dogs.

I can almost hear Foxy think: "Hey, I think I could learn to like this! -- It's not so bad!"

Foxy is really a sweet little dog with so much potential.

But, although he may be the same "breed" as Chance, the same size, age and sex, that is where the similarities between the two dogs ends.

Chance is such a totally confident (and OK, "spoiled" little dog) that the word, "cocky" doesn't even begin to describe him! Always walking with his head held high in the air and a George W. Bush peacock "strut," Chance defies anyone to mess with him. He knows he's beautiful and seems to think he's God's gift to the world. (Well, at least to me, Chance is!)

Foxy, on the other hand, has no confidence at all. Though I try to comfort and give him loving attention, in so many ways, Foxy is still like, well, a scared little fox! The darting, the furtive looks, (especially when out on city streets), one would think Foxy came from the depths of the forests, rather than some kind of human "home."

Foxy is an easy dog, but nevertheless needs someone who can be gentle and kind and patient with him. So much in this new life is strange and intimidating to him.

And yet, I could almost hear Foxy thinking yesterday, "Hey, I think I could learn to like this!"

Sure, you can, Fox.

Just learn to stay out of Chance's way, in the meantime. -- PCA

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skdean53 said...

Glad you are making some progress with Foxy. As you well know, trust can take while a while to develop when a dog enters new surroundings and new relationships with people. Foxy probably was seldom (if ever) walked where he could meet new people and see new places. And being the outsider in a place where a "pack" is already in place is surely stressful to him. He would probably do well in a home as an only dog or with one who is very accepting. I do hope you find the right foster, or better yet, "forever" home for him soon. He looks like a very sweet animal who would be capable of bringing much joy and laughter into the right home.