Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Blame it on the Geese!"

"Blame it on the geese!"
The above seems to be the rallying cry for all things gone wrong on planet earth.
Ah, that only we could blame earthquakes, Tsunamis and nuclear disasters on Canada geese!
Oh, but not to fear.  I am sure some genius is busy trying to figure out how to make those charges stick -- along with all the others.
If I sound a little bitter or sarcastic, it is mainly due to the frustration of googling current articles each day on Canada geese and finding only those that seemingly want to wipe the geese off the face of the earth.
The purpose of seeking current articles and information on geese (aside from personal knowledge) is to keep the newly created Facebook page on geese, relative and current:
However, I don't want to overwhelm the page with hoards of negative articles that advocate for hunting, culling, egg destruction and harassment of Canada geese, along with removing what little protections these animals have had.
The charges against the geese (and thus rationalizations for killing them) range from "overpopulation" to "airline threats" to "eating crops" to "pooping machines" to even being "aggressive" towards children.
All of them are ludicrous, especially the last one.
The latest in this barrage of tirades against the geese comes from New Zealand, a country who only last month, suffered an earthquake.  New Zealand just officially labeled the geese as "pests" and removed all protections of them.  Anyone can shoot or kill geese now in New Zealand without getting a permit. 
A couple of months ago, almost 200 Canada geese were beaten to death with boat paddles on a New Zealand lake.
It is hard to understand these vendettas and quite frankly, viciousness against a species of animal known for its extreme devotion to flock and family, intelligence, adaptability and perhaps most of all, Canada geeses' trust and sociability with humans.  They are, in fact, among the most peaceful and gentle animals on the planet.
But, less we point our fingers at any one country, the fact is, that Canada geese have seemingly become the latest target for humans to project our frustrations upon.
Whether it be our inability or unwillingness to construct "bird proof" planes (or use avian radar), our laziness to utilize 'goose poop" as grass fertilizer, our incompetence to adequately and responsibly protect the environment (and human life) or our monumental failures to peacefully coexist with the earth's other inhabitants, the geese are an easy and convenient target to project all these failings upon.
In one of the most bizarre articles ever read, ("The Goose Shoot Must Go On") on the very morning following the earthquake at Christchurch, New Zealand, a hunter brags of his and his buddies, shooting adventures of Canada geese:
Is this all one could think to do on the very day one's country has been hit by a quake, people are suffering and a major city lies in near ruins?  
Add destruction to destruction?
Maybe it is me.  Maybe I just don't understand this so-called, "dog eat dog" world or the mentality that says its OK to kill every living creature that gets in our way or inconveniences us in some manner.
Maybe I don't understand the philosophy that says animals are only "valuable" or important to the degree we can "hunt, eat, wear, abuse for amusement or entertainment, kill for convenience, experiment on, or own."
I don't personally believe animals' place on this planet is only for the use, abuse and tyranny of humans anymore than I believe humans are on this earth for the abuse and enslavement of other humans.
As for those things that have gone wrong on planet earth, whether they be quakes, Tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, plane crashes or poop on the grass, we need to seek real and responsible solutions, rather than "scapegeese."
Blaming all our troubles, failures and frustrations on the geese is not an option. 
Mother nature doesn't seem to be too sympathetic to that. -- PCA

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